Monday, November 22, 2010


Up to chores early this morning so hubbie and I could get an early start on a trip today.
Hubbie had a dentist appointment at 11:30 with his new dentist at the foot of the mountain in a town called Columbus,NC. We both love this little old fashioned town so we wanted to go early and walk through the downtown area which is probably no more than 1/4 mile long.
There isn't much there except a couple small eateries and a hardware store,but there was a large thrift shop and being thrift shop shoppers we headed in to check it out.
This was one of 2 very large thrift stores in the area. In this one I found an old snow sled, a Merry Christmas rug that is big enough to go in the sunroom,and a couple more random things.

We drove through Columbus and back to the dentist office. They had told Hubbie it would take at least an hour so I dropped him off and headed over to the neighboring town called Tryon,NC.
Tryon is another old town,it's historic main street well preserved,right down to this large working clock.
I had no idea what this next statue was all about so I took this photo so I would remember to look it up.In looking up the name Nina Simone I discovered that in 1933 a colored girl named Eunice Waymon was born in Tryon. She was an exceptionally talented young lady and was her church pianist at the age of 10 years old. As she became a famous singer,song writer and pianist she changed her name to Nina Simone. Growing up in a predominately white town in the south she became an active civil rights leader. She died in 2003 and this little park was put up in her honor.

This rock church was so pretty with the rock walls reaching all the way to the sidewalk.
After reading about Nina Simone I wondered if this was the church she had grown up in.Most of the store fronts were lined with greenery which gave the town a very warm and welcoming feel.Taking a road that looked like it was off the beaten path I found this old barn just right off the side if the road.Looks like it had seen better days.And this side road that looked as if it had been a long while since any cars had passed over it.This was the small brook that ran under the above bridge. It looked so peaceful as it meandered among all the fallen leaves.
As I got back to Columbus I stopped at Wendy's for lunch,I figured I had better eat before I picked hubbie up because he probably wouldn't be eating for a little while.
I drove around a block off the main street just to see what was there and I found this neat little fountain.The water in it was a really pretty aqua color, it was in another small park but I didn't see the name of this one.
I picked hubbie up,they didn't have to pull his tooth but almost totally rebuilt it,hopefully it will last.
We came back up the mountain and got home about 2:00.
Hubbie went out to blow more leaves while I baked more cakes as I got an order from 1 lady for 12 cakes this morning.
I iced 12 caramels and some chocolates,leaving 6 more caramels and 6 coconuts for tonight.
G-son came while his dad went to talk to lawyer about his disability payments. Hubbie took him up to our church's new playground for awhile.
There wasn't much supper tonight as daughter came in from work and went straight to baking.
I did weekly paperwork and bagged my Avon orders tonight.
It is 10:00 and I am still waiting to get back in the kitchen for my icing, I have a feeling this is going to be a late night.
When daughter finished wrapping her things we all packed and boxed orders and put most of them in the van already. Hubbie is off all week so thankfully he is going to help tomorrow at market.
Now I 'll start my icing,I was right this is going to be a late night for sure.
THanking God tonight for wonderful Blessings on this Thanksgiving season.
Good Night and God Bless.


Jean said...

I am Adding your blog to my blog roll/list now.
Sure wishing y'all well and PEACE!

Gail said...

I love an adventure.

I believe I have heard this lady sing.

Patty H. said...

I love taking day trips, love thrift stores-and that one in the pictures looks like a good one! Sounds like you got some good bargains, too. I remember going to Tryon yrs ago, to visit my dad's people.
Patty H.

NCmountainwoman said...

Nina of my favorite singers. And what a fine person she was.

Paula said...

What a neat little town! And I love the story behind the statue- so glad you were able to find out who she was.
All this talk about cakes has made me hungry! *LOL*
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Country Mouse Studio said...

Interesting and some nice pictures too. I hadn't heard of her.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat little town, Carolyn.... Glad you found out who that statue was... I haven't heard of her ---but I'm sure she was special to the people in that town.

You have really made the cakes.... WOW!!!!! Can't imagine ordering 12 cakes..... Guess that lady must have been having a big party!!!!!