Saturday, November 27, 2010


Expecting a busy market day hubbie and I were up and at it early this morning,getting chores done and cakes loaded for market. It was too cold last night to put them in the van before we went to bed, they might have froze at 25 degrees !
Daughter beat us there and was waiting when we arrived.
There was a huge crowd all day but they didn't spend much money,we had a surprisingly slow day.The isles were packed all day, this was the first really cold day we've had,the temperatures stayed in the 40's all day but the sun was bright.Daughter sits behind our table.
#1 son brought g-son by on his way to take his deer to the taxidermist and he wanted to ride the horse and buggy (which was really a wagon) this many times, holding up both hands.Off on his first ride..These were 2 beautiful horses and very well behaved as they weaved in and out of the traffic downtown.This man provided Christmas music on the inside while being accompanied by his dad who played the dulcimer,they were very good.Waiting for ride #2 !And their off on ride #2.I joined them while they waited for a wagon load of riders.By the end of the day hubbie joined them on the last ride.By the end of the day G-son was on a first name basis with the owners of the horse and wagon, he had a wonderful time and was in awe of those large horses.

Tonight is supposed to even colder than last night's 25 ,brrrr !!!
I know that isn't really that cold but after being 70 degrees on Thursday it makes it sure feel cold !
After I left market I made a couple of stops and made it home around 4.
I left Sadie in her lot all day today because her and Annie were seen by daughter way down the road yesterday. So when I got things put away I let her out and took her and Annie on a walk around our pasture. I need to get back to walking everyday and if I need to walk the dogs maybe that give me the extra incentive I need.
When we got back I put both of them up and closed up all my chicken houses before I came inside.
Hubbie and I spent a relaxing evening and I'm almost finished with the Christmas project I've been working on.
Thanking God for a wonderfully blessed day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, It's cold here also--but is supposed to warm up for a couple of days and then get cold again. Guess winter is here.

Surprised that you didn't sell much at the Open House --but people are just busy this time of year 'window shopping' I guess.

Glad your grandson (and you and his Mom) enjoyed the 'buggy' ride.... But--it looked cold out there....

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Country Mouse Studio said...

a really busy day, love those horses

Anonymous said...

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