Sunday, October 31, 2010


With so much going on this last day of October there will be 2 post tonight. One of the regular activities and one for the 2010 decade pictures.
This October has been a wonderfully, unseasonably warm and sunny month.The weather allowed much outside play and work time and the low moisture delayed the leaf color for almost 2 weeks and we still haven't had what I call a killing frost yet.We made our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch to pick out jack-o-lantern pumpkins,#1 son got to go along this year as he is still on crutches and carrying a wound vac.
October 11 brought the birth of my first great nephew M .

In farm news this month brought the addition of 15 Silkie hens,roosters and chicks which g-son is happy with.Found time to this month to attend some local festivals. This one at the old train depot in town.Hubbie looks over some antiques at Fall Harvest Days at the WNC Ag Center in Fletcher.G-son turned 4 years old on the 16th.#1 son turned 29 on the 16th.Curb Market has been good for me this month.A perfect ending was our church's first trunk or treat event to go along with our usual All Saints Carnival.
This has been a busy but fun month for our family. Hubbie was elected Deacon and we have became more involved with church activities.
I had my knees examined by an orthopedic specialist and received good news of no visible damage from an injury 2 years ago. I replaced my old double oven with a new one that should cut down on the time I stand in the kitchen baking cakes.
#1 son finally got the wound vac off his leg and the wounds are healing but he received the bad news of his leg bone is put back twisted and will have to be re-broke and re-set.
#2 son is still working steadily at the Post Office still awaiting cut back decisions.
Daughter is busy with 4 jobs as usual and has spent most of this month pet sitting while baking,working weekends at Fatz Cafe and working at school in her regular job. Her Volleyball team lost in the second round of state play-offs so she is getting a break from coaching.
October marks the end of the gardening season along with a restful feeling that comes with the cooling temperatures .
Praying that the Lord might grant me many more of these busy October months in years to come.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Good and bad news, so go the days of our life.

The good seemed to have outweighed the bad and that is the blessing.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Thanks for sharing your photos... They are all GREAT...

I'm so sorry that No. 1 son's leg has to be re-broken and re-set... That's terrible... I believe I'd think about suing the doctors. He has had WAY too much trouble with that break. What a shame...

Hope you have a good week. A huge cold front is coming on Thurs/Fri---with maybe flurries in the Smokies... Yipes!!!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Wow!! I've missed reading your blog....I have been so busy, I am just now playing catch up!! Ok, was son's bone done that way by the Dr.? I think I would have to FREAK! Is that you w/ the witch hat on? Are those your goodies?? You have certainly had a very busy month, haven't you? Have a great Sunday friend.