Monday, October 25, 2010


Up early even though I didn't get much sleep at all last night. Right before I went to bed the news updated with a horrendous crash not far from our house on I-26. They said there were several fatalities and had called the Mama helicopter in for critically injured. I layed in bed starring at the ceiling, praying for the victims of this crash. The entire interstate was shut down in both directions and would be until further notice.
Unfortunately the news this morning was very sad,4 fatalities, 2 critically injured.It seems that a small accident ahead of this had traffic stopped when a large tractor trailer slammed into the line of cars piling them onto one another.Turns out that at least 2 of the victims went to high school with my kids. One of them played basketball with my daughter and I remember her coming to our house with the team. She is one of the critically injured and her husband who also went to school there we have no word on his condition.
This is the worst wreck I can ever remember in this county since the interstate was built.
Please pray for all the victims and their families and for the truck driver for whatever reason failed to see the stopped traffic who has been charged with 4 counts of manslaughter and 1 count of felonious assault.

In other news this morning we woke under a tornado watch for our area.The rain was coming down hard and the wind was blowing it sideways.Although we didn't have any damage in our area some folks not far from here sure did.
Our new gutter guards got a test and passed so we'll put them on the remainder of the gutter as soon as the weather breaks.
I waited out the rain this morning while baking some layers for early orders.
After lunch I headed to deliver some Avon, go by Sears and change my oven order to one that was 50% off and much nicer than the one I ordered Friday. They were very nice and said they sure didn't blame me as this is a $3400 oven for the price $1700. It has the double feature cooking convection or thermal.
After exchanging a dog clipper at another store I headed home. The rain has stopped but it is still very cloudy.
#1 son and g-son arrived shortly after I did and g-son and pawpaw set about playing with some new toys they left here yesterday.
The sun finally made an appearance for a little while late this afternoon and I got about 15 minutes of Vitamin D out of it before the clouds overtook it for the remainder of the day.
I sat in the sun room and relaxed for awhile before supper.
Supper was left over greek salad,I'm just hoping that's not what contributed to my sleeplessness last night!
After evening chores we spent a quite evening.
Praying tonight for God to be with the families of these victims of this accident.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how terrible, Marilyn..... I hate to read about accidents like this... And then --when you know them, it makes it even harder... I'll pray for those families.

I am trying to catch up on blogs --after being gone for awhile... It's hard --but I'll do the best that I can...

We finally had some RAIN last night... This was the first in awhile for us... Yeah!!!! (NO severe weather here though, thank goodness.)


Gail said...

We have rain this morning...praise God! We were so dry, the dust rose as the cattle walked.

Tragedies are always heart breaking. They and their families are in my thoughts and prayers.

New oven at half price, now, that should cause you to break out in a happy dance!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog...come say hi any time. Too bad about this terrible accident and I hope the tornado didn't touch down there! :D