Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cool morning at market, both in temperature and sales.
After market I ran errands,made a couple Avon deliveries and checked at the local Sear's store for a price on their ovens. I'm glad I stopped there because the sales girl told me to come back tomorrow afternoon ad she would sell me the double convection that I want for around $1500. Wow that is about $500 less than anyone else. Seems tomorrow Sear's is having several special one day sales and I can stack them for a total discount of almost $1500 off if I buy a Kenmore appliance. Sounds like I've found my deal !!!
I'll let you know tomorrow night if it's really as good as it sounds !!
As soon as I got home hubbie and I unloaded the van and headed to Sam's Club for the birthday cookout fixins for Sunday.
We made a stop at Walmart for dogfood since it comes in 40# bags and hubbie was there to do the lifting. Ran into the friends that gave me the Silkie Hens last week and he wanted to know if I'd take what he had left. Being the nice chicken lover I am of course I said yes,hubbie was laughing all the while. He still has 2 red roosters, 3 red hens and 5 or 6 little ones. I'm looking on Craigslist tonight for some dog lot panels to make another lot.
Life stays interesting around here that's for sure !!! I LOVE IT !!!!

This time of year every 2 years I stop answering my phone, just skim over the newspaper and only turn the news on when it's time for the weather. I have a politics phobia !!!!!
How can you believe anything anybody says about themselves or their opponents when
you are being bombarded from every news outlet available and even your own personal telephone. I had to laugh the other day when I listened to the messages from my phone.Before I could hit the skip button a quite ladies voice said I usually hang up on people who do this but I just felt led......... I found the skip button. I laughed because I thought if you hang up on these calls why should I listen to you?????
I always vote and I research my candidates but in my own time and in my own way.
The news today was all about a visit to Asheville from former President Clinton who is campaigning for Heath Shuler for congress.Now I thought Mr. Clinton did a pretty good job as President but was not a very morale person.Over 6000 people crowded into Pack Square in down town Asheville today to hear and see President Clinton praise congressman Shuler. He signed autographs and shook hands. As for me if he shook my hand I'd run straight for the nearest hand washing station,I'm just saying........, that's just me !!!!I can't see me ever packing into a crowded place to ever hear what anyone has to say about anything except if it was God then I would want to be on the front row,but I don't think we will need to be on the front row to hear when God speaks.
I am praying to God for all the people who get elected because I'm of the mind that only God can help this country right now with the mess it's in and if we don't get people in office who will go to God for guidance it is only going to get worse.

Hubbie is building a fire in the wood stove downstairs tonight for the first time this season. Daughter is home tonight for the first night since the temperatures have been in the 30's at night and she wanted to warm it up a bit down there.
I have checked out ovens ,shopped on craiglist and blogged for a long time tonight. I'm getting a computer screen headache so it's time to say so long.
Giving God all the Glory tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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