Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well got an unexpected surprise this morning. As I finished chores outside,ate my usual bowl of cereal and started a load of laundry then I filled both ovens with cake layers. Continuing to mix and pan layers ,the first timer went off ,I exchanged baked for unbaked and continued to mix. Second timer went off, opened door to take out the baked and there was the surprise, the layers in the top oven which is the convection oven were barely started to bake. I immediately saw that the convection fan in the back of the oven wasn't turning,that's just grrrreeat !! I have been noticing it making a noise for quite awhile and I checked on a replacement but the oven is discontinued and so there are no parts available.
Removed one layer of cakes and turned the oven to thermal( regular) bake and thankfully it worked. But that almost doubles my baking time.
The rest of the morning and until 3:00 in the afternoon,(with convection working would have finished at 12:30), I juggled cake layers and laundry.
Only getting the bathrooms cleaned before hubbie came home.
Disgusted with the inside cleaning production I decided to clean up all the outside chairs.
Hubbie helped as we didn't clean them last year and they were very dirty after 2 years.
We blew the leaves out of the patio and raked up the yard so we can keep up with them as they fall. Hubbie cleaned the gutters and is going to get some type of gutter guards to keep all the leaves out of them.Most of the leaves around our place are still hanging on and a lot of them are still green.
This tree seems to be turning color starting from the top.
To go to the flea market or not? That is the question tonight as they are predicting rain for in the morning.
This is the second week we have planned a trip down there,last week they said rain and we woke to sunshine. We have no idea what to do this week. #2 son is off and wants to go if we go this week but there will be no sellers there if it rains. What to do, what to do?????

Starting to get red to go with the yellow leaves around here now,but still not peak season yet, a lot of green left.
Listening to the weather on SC station and clicking future on the weather site map, both saying good chance of rain coming right through the flea market area,decision made,not going. Hopefully #2 son will be off when the weather is good on a Wednesday.
After a rough start to the day it is ending with a very tired but accomplished feeling tonight.
I am researching ovens tonight and have found a couple models with both ovens having a convection setting. That would speed up my baking time but these ovens are substantially more expensive. I'm trying to see if the cooking time reduction would justify the extra cost. Called sis in law and gave her the model #'s so she can check to see how much discount bro-in-law can get with his GE employee discount. Decisions! Decisions!!!!
Thankful tonight for my health and God's blessings on my family.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

What a bummer! With as much baking as you do I'm almost positive it's worth the extra money. Not only saving your own precious time, but the electricity reduction will make it worth your while. And you already know the convection is so important when you are doing several layers.

The photographs are beautiful. I eespecially like the last one.

Country Mouse Studio said...

That is a beautiful photo and I hope you can get that oven fixed soon :O)

Ardith said...

The little shed with the red dressed tree is an excellent picture! Is that on your property? I'm afraid I would spend all Fall there! To heck with the oven!
Take care and God Bless