Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Another welcome cloudy,rainy day greeted me this morning as I hurried between showers to do the morning chores.
Back inside I started laundry then fired up the ovens to finish baking my layers for caramel,chocolate and coconut cakes.
Hopefully next week my baking time will be significantly less with my new ovens.
The last cakes came out of the ovens about 1:00 and then housework had to be done.
When hubbie got home from work we did chores early because it looks like the storms are definitely coming and we are under a tornado watch.This is the ominous looking clouds that were really boiling while we were outside.
Almost as soon as we got inside the hard rains came. Rain,wind,lightening and thunder like a mid-summer storm.Although the hard rain has stopped we are expecting more storms and this is how our area looks on the maps until 3 am we are still under the tornado watch and sever storms are expected even into tomorrow.
Hubbie drove down to get the mail during a break in the rain and he said our driveway is washing as the ditches are all full of leaves. This happens almost every year,wish we had money to pave the long drive.
As the weather is really the only news for today its a good day to continue the decade pics for October.
Here is what we were doing in 2000 in this month.
Here is hubbie and I, Wow what a difference 10 years makes !!Hubbie doing his yearly October chore of splitting firewood for winter. He gets encouragement from old Willie who just passed away this past summer.
#2 son on the homecoming court with his girlfriend at the time Jessica.The Key Club at the highschool worked a kids carnival for a local business and here #2 son helps a lost child.#1 son with his at the time girlfriend Dottie and little cousin Leah on his 19th birthday.Daughter on Halloween with friend Jessica ( #2 son's girlfriend).We had quite a few goats at that time and here is daughter with a French Alpine,they all had names but I can't recall them right now.As daughter hits the ball here,Volleyball season winds down and basketball season starts.
With #1 son out of highschool and working for a local construction company we missed our first football season in many years . I can't remember going to any games except the homecoming game when #2 son was on the court.Volleyball was our only fall sport but now we were headed into winter with both the highschoolers left playing basketball we'll make up for our lack of bleacher but for sure! Good memories for sure !!!!

As I type this tonight I can hear the rains pouring down again and the wind is starting to pick up .
We did need the rain to wet down all these dry leaves that are falling.

In closing I have some sad news tonight, the young lady that played basketball with my daughter that was involved in the deadly wreck Sunday night passed away early this morning as her parents and husband made the decision to take her off life support.
Another young life wasted,this couple had only been married 2 years and both had recently gotten their dream jobs , I can only imagine what this young man who is still in the hospital with injuries of his own sustained in the accident,is going through right now.This is Amber who her husband calls his soul mate.
I'm asking all my blog friends to send prayers his way. His name is Chris,he is a widower at the young age of 26. God bless him and all the family as well as the families of the other victims.
The truck driver who failed to stop is still being held in jail. He made his first court appearance this morning, he is from Bulgaria and can't speak English so they are having to call in interpretors to communicate with him.
I think now each time I meet one of these huge trucks on the road I will surely wonder if the driver can even understand the writing on the road signs????????

Praying with a heavy heart tonight that God gather these grieving families in His loving arms and give them the comfort they so desperately desire.
Good Night and God Bless.


Country Mouse Studio said...

My thoughts and prayers with those families.

NCmountainwoman said...

So sorry this hit so close to home. I have been devastated by this senseless accident and I don't know anyone involved. Thoughts are with the families involved.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So sorry about the death of Amber. I will definitely keep Chris and her family in my prayers. SO SAD....

Did you get severe weather? We got alot of rain and wind --but nothing severe here thank goodness.

Love your 2000 decade pics......