Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Woke to the patter of rain against the bedroom window this morning. Although it didn't last long and didn't look like it had been raining long it made me glad we made the decision to postpone the flea market trip.
After chores I iced caramel and chocolate cakes before lunch.
I did the dusting and vacuuming I didn't get done yesterday then took a break out in the nice warm sunshine to get my Vitamin D for the day.
Took a nice long walk this afternoon to enjoy this beautiful evening.
All the leaves were gone from this maple tree leaving all these maple seed helicopters hanging on for dear life.Waiting for the first windy day to be set free to whirl to the fertile soil where by chance a new tree will take root.This scene made me think of the movie called " On Golden Pond".This guy caught my attention but would never get closer so I could get a good enough look to identify him. Got any ideas?
As I walked and saw all the birds flying through the trees and along the creek I decided I need to come down here and sit for a while to actually see what kind of birds are down here.This is a late blooming perennial in one of my pots that popped into bloom after this mornings rain shower.
I came back to the house and ate a light supper, then did evening chores outside. It is cooler this evening than it has been the last few nights. I think it is supposed to back around 38 tonight. It is clear as a bell tonight ,the moon shine has it looking like daytime out here.
Thanking God for the wondrous world He created for us to live in.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Beautiful pictures.

Isn't it amazing that a seed can remember to become a tree??