Sunday, October 17, 2010


Church was fulfilling this morning,we are still making our way through Roman's,almost done and I wonder were we'll go next.
Everyone but daughter made it to lunch,she's working a double shift at Fatz's today.
I sat out in the sun after lunch and read the paper. I am trying to get at least 20 minutes of sunshine on these last warm days for my extra vitamin D. The Doctor I went to about my knee says that will help my Osteoarthritis.Makes sense to me and I love the feel of the warm sunshine.
Went back to church tonight to begin our treck through the book called Christian Atheist.I truly enjoyed this evening as we all got to discuss how we feel after the pastor got finished speaking.
Back home hubbie and I had a late snack supper and spent the evening relaxing.
Time for more decade pics , tonight we'll go back to 1990.......This is a picture of the fishermen and their trophies at the Cub Scout fishing derby at the Blue Ridge Community College fishing lake in October 1990.Hubbie takes a fish off the line for #2 son.Here #1 son show's off his catch.Guess who caught the biggest fish and she still out fishes her brothers most of the time.#1 son celebrated his 9th birthday in October 1990.Here my mother sits in her Curb Market booth in October 1990,the same booth I now sell from.Halloween 1990, what a scary bunch !!!!

Today has been a prayerful, thankful Sunday, the weather is gorgeous and the fall season gets more magnificent everyday.
God is truly at work !
Good Night and God Bless.


Nezzy said...

I loved travelin' back in your time machine! Great pics sweetie!

Our Ozarks weather is just blowin' me away. Our nights might get down in the 30's but the days are warmin' up in the low 80's. Sooooo strange, it's usually much cooler.

Ya have a most magnificently blessed day!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute pictures of your kids.... Interesting that daughter can out-fish her brothers!!!!!

Great picture of your Mom... You definitely are following in her footsteps.

Yes---that Vit. D helps you!!!!! SO--keep getting the sun... I will also.

Have a great week.