Saturday, October 2, 2010


BRRRRRR!!!!!! Kinda chilly this morning for sure, 41 degrees.
Market was busy today even with the art show on Main street and Farm/City Day at Jackson Park going on.
Left market and went by Sub-way for a late lunch. My mistake,don't ever ask the sandwich maker how hot the Buffalo Chicken sandwich is, and if you do and they say "not very hot",don't believe them !!! I felt like smoke was coming out of my ears and I left wondering if my lips actually looked as swelled as they felt like they were !!!
I picked up baking supplies for next week and decided since I was ahead of schedule and I knew hubbie was busy water sealing our front porch finally,I decided to walk through an antique mall called Needful Things on my way home. I'm still searching for 2 wooden buckets for an idea I have.
I saw the sign that said " Free Lockers" ," no backpacks or purses allowed" but I just passed it by with a wondering thought of what in the world all that meant.
As I entered the place and started down an aisle the young lady that sat behind a huge counter looked up and said "mam, there is no exceptions ,you can't carry your purse with you". As I looked her way I saw the line of small lockers with keys hanging from them, I guess my face told her I hadn't been here before and her tone softened and she said just lock your purse in a locker and take the key with you. I guess there is a first for everything !!!
I wondered around the entire mall, thought things were awfully expensive and hoped my purse would still be there when I finished. It was, I left, thinking that would be my first and last trip there!
As I got close to my driveway I noticed part of the fence was gone along with the panels of the gate in the pasture across the road.
As we unloaded the van hubbie told me they had been working down there all day moving stuff.
We used to rent the pasture when we had lots of cattle,when we stopped she rented it to this guy who has had it for years. Lately he has let the fences get so run down that his cattle were getting out and in the road quite often. We don't know why he left but hubbie and I walked over there this evening and found he had even taken some panels we had left when we stopped renting from her.
After getting back to the house I caught a new visitor at the feeder and need help identifying this little guy or girl, whatever the case may be..Giving an idea of size that is a Titmouse on the back side of the feeder and there is a Black-Capped Chickadee perched on the pole to the left.
It is supposed to be 37 degrees here tonight !!!! I wondered where Fall was in September and in October I may still be wondering where Fall is, Winter may be early this year !!!
Thanking God for a blessing filled day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Country Mouse Studio said...

Love Chickadees and love your profile photo too

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you have some kind of Warbler, Marilyn.... I'm not sure which one because this time of year, their colors change so much.... Maybe someone else knows for sure...

It's gotten cold here also---and today, it's cloudy and windy --and only about 50 degrees... Brrrr... We have a good fire going in the fireplace... NICE!!!

Hope you have had a good day... Stay WARM.