Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween day 2010 started out with church. We have one more Sunday in Romans and we will have covered the entire book. I like these sermons,it is a way of learning about each book of the Bible.
After church one of the gentlemen followed us home to pick up his coconut cake.
We had a small lunch bunch today,only #2 son ,hubbie and I.
After lunch I decorated the back of my van for the trunk or treat at church.We put the finishing touches on our costumes and them hubbie had to go early to a Deacon's meeting.
I got there and sat up before he came down to get his costume on but we had plenty of time before the kids got there.Abraham and Sarah at your service !! Although a lot of guesses were Mary and Joseph.Everyone was surprised at how many costumed kids came through tonight. It was a continuous line from start to finish, actually almost 30 minutes longer then planned. We gave out every piece of candy we had, thankfully there is no candy in the house tonight!!
One of the most original costumes I saw was this Oscar the Grouch costume.There were many parents and grandparents that got into costume for the occasion.This jailbird is a fellow grandparent, he had 2 daughters the same ages as my 2 sons in high school so now we are starting on round 2 !!But you know my favorite of all was this little Ironman.G-son was sure enjoying his unsick Halloween for a change.
Some estimates of trunk or treaters tonight were around 400,wow that's a lot of kids and for a first time trunk or treat at our church that was an amazing number.
Everyone had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun.

Not expecting to be home so late I did my chores by flashlight tonight.
We ate a late supper and then I wrote up Avon orders.
If you read yesterday's post you saw one explanation of the Brown Mountain Lights with a promise of the other version tonight with a special surprise.
Below is a rendition of the legend I was told by my dad while I grew up. I guess no one really knows or will ever know the true story behind the mysterious lights.
Enjoy this version as this Halloween eve comes to an end,I hope yours was a safe and fun one.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like you all had a marvelous Halloween... Trunk or Treat must have been a huge success... 400, huh??? That's fabulous...

Loved seeing the costumes --especially your grandson.... What a Cutie...


Claudia said...

I could not believe how many people was there ... it was great!

That little girl on the Oscar the grouch costume goes to Nicolas' pre-school, she was my favorite one too (after my big bad wolf and little red riding hood of course).

Country Mouse Studio said...

trunk or treat looks like such a good idea, your angels look very beautiful and I love the costume what a cutie