Saturday, October 23, 2010


Temperature was 33.3 at 8 am,there is frost all over the bottom pasture but don't see any up here around the garden on the hill,whew,maybe we'll have a few more days of tomatoes.
Very busy market day today. Hubbie stayed for a while until he had to get home so he could get the lawn mowed and the upper pasture bush hogged before the rains start next week.
I didn't even get a bathroom break all day with a steady stream of customers. Thank God for a wonderful day.
I picked up a greek salad I had ordered for the cook-out /birthday party tomorrow. We have a place called Hot Dog World in town and besides making the best hotdog around they make a mean greek salad. When I host an event I get him to make me a huge 25 person salad. He only charges $30.00 ,that is a little over $1 per person and everyone always loves the salad.
At home hubbie was waiting and we unloaded the van and headed over to the WNC Ag Center. They are hosting Fall Harvest Days this weekend,we love to browse the old tractors and the old things that people display and sell.Here is hubbie checking out some old pocket knives.If I would have had a place to put this it would have been mine. The memories this old chicken crate stirred up within me were awesome. An earlier post this month talked about my childhood in the broiler business and how the men would come during the night to catch the chickens and load them onto huge trucks stacked high with these exact crates. The door still had the spring in it and everything on this one. I just couldn't think of anywhere I could put something this size.
I did buy so much stuff that hubbie had to go bring the van into the sales area to pick everything up. It got dark before we got home so I will take pictures and talk about my treasures in a later post. Right now they are still in the back of the van.Tractors were everywhere, this is the grand daddy of tractor pulls around here and people come from far and near to pull at this show. I thought this sign was appropriate with these guys on their phones.Hubbie used to have a tractor just like this one,in fact he was checking this one out to see if it might have been the one he sold. A Farmal collector bought his,who knows, this might have once been in our hay fields !!This brought back early memories for me,I learned to drive on a tractor like this. When I first started driving this tractor my feet wouldn't reach the clutch so I had to use the hand clutch. Dad would put it in gear and send me on my way while he followed behind in the truck usually loaded with seed and fertilizer.
A miscue about the dates and times of the show this year had many people packing up and pulling out this afternoon. A friend who was set up selling apples there said the tractor pulls lasted through noon tomorrow but the vendors notices said the show ended today so some of the vendors that hadn't been there before were leaving early.
Hubbie and I used to set up and sell in this show and we usually did pretty good business.
It always amazed me as to how far away some people lived that attended this show as vendors and spectators. It just a good old "redneck" time, loud tractors, overalls, back slappin and tale spinning !!!!!
When we left there we went by Walmart to pick up my supplies and some last minute things for the party.
It was almost dark when we finally got around to evening chores so flashlights were the tools of the evening again tonight.
We ate a late supper ,then cleaned the kitchen,wrapped presents and I iced the birthday cake.
Thanking God for a wonderful day of memories and blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

what a wonderful day, I would have loved it!

I've often thought of making a coffee table of the old chicken crates...placing glass on top. Then I think of the dusting involved if that were a piece of furniture!

NCmountainwoman said...

I love meandering though festivals like that. Glad you had a good day.

Country Mouse Studio said...

I agree, it sounds like a wonderful way to spend a beautiful fall day, what a well made chicken crate, it would have been hard to pass up