Friday, October 22, 2010


Woke to the sound of trucks coming up the drive this morning. #1 son was followed by a friend that had come to pick up the skid steer he is selling to try it out.
I took care of my chickens and dogs and came back inside to start my baking and icing for the day. I am making g-son's birthday cake and I made the tiers for it this morning.
#1 son's nurse gave him a good report this morning and hopefully he will be taken off the wound vac as early as Monday.
He was suppose to have a minor surgery next week to remove a screw that is visible under his skin but he decided to put it off until the week after,so he can be free of the vac for sure.
After lunch I headed out to Sears to purchase my oven. The one I looked at yesterday was not eligible for the total 35% discount but we found another that was. I bought a Whirlpool that had all the same settings that I wanted. I got it for $1800 which included a 3 year service plan.Can't wait to try it out,bummer is they can't deliver it until Nov. 2.

After taking care of that task I headed for church to work for a while this afternoon.
It is so funny how energetic I feel working during the day instead of waiting until the evening after a market day.
This was definitely a good change in my schedule.
I came home and swept off the porch and picked up around the yard a little. Hubbie came home from work and put some gutter guards on a span of our gutters to see how they work.
While watching the 6 pm news we got a rude awakening when the weatherman said we were under a freeze warning with the temperature expected to be around 32 tonight.
At lunch on the news they said 35 so we didn't get worried until now.
We headed out to gather and cover with darkness closing in fast we armed ourselves with flashlights.
We covered some tomato plants but I don't know how much good that'll do if it does get to freezing.
We gathered all the turning tomatoes just in case.Man ! I'm gonna miss those fresh tomatoes !!!!
We also gleaned our bell pepper plants.These will go into the freezer for this winter.I cut all the basil and oregano, put it out to dry and this I will take to market tomorrow to see if anyone needs to make pesto.I also picked the remainder of my winter squash crop.
I also got some inside visitors from the yard since the cold snap is for only 2 nights these plants still looked so good I decided to bring them in so I can enjoy them a while longer.
These ferns and petunias have lasted all summer with regular waterings from yours truly.
I am thankful that the freezing temperatures have held off until now which is later than normal.According to this map normal freeze comes by Oct. 15.
Hubbie and I went to finish work at church after we protected all we thought we could for tonight.
Daughter did her baking while we were gone and was just finishing when we got back home.
I had 2 coconut cakes to ice tonight and I'm done!!
I only have 2 orders so far for tomorrow,which is surprising for this time of year.Yellow is definitely the primary color this fall.
Fall colors are peaking now at 3000-4000 ft , we are at about 2000 ft so I'm thinking our peak comes next weekend , but with a warm, rainy week predicted those green leaves may decide to hang on a bit longer.
Thanking God for all my blessings today and His guidance throughout the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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