Friday, October 8, 2010


I must have been in a sleep coma this morning ! Daughter called later in the morning to ask me something and said she came by on her way to work this morning. I said I didn't hear you and she couldn't believe I didn't hear the dogs barking. I usually always hear them because after all they are in the bed with me,but not this morning. That is scary for me to think I was that sound asleep.
After taking care of the chickens and dogs outside I went inside to bake and ice caramel cakes. Today I would have liked to stay outside and work this morning as it is already warm out there.Now we are talking about above normal temps for a while,sigh!!!!!!,can't we just be normal for a while ?????? Maybe middle of next week ??
I finished baking before lunch and after sitting out in the warm,hot, sunshine I decided to go work at church so hubbie and I wouldn't have so much to do tonight.
I worked at church for years alone and today I got that peaceful feeling again when I was there alone that I used to have. It's as if the world outside doesn't matter any more and you can just loose yourself in your work in there.
I got home a little before hubbie got home from work and we had a light supper. While he picked muscadines I watered my potted plants for the first time in a couple weeks and walked the dogs. When he came back to the house he was looking for something to put on 2 bee stings on his neck. He got stung on the hand last week and it swelled really bad,so we didn't want that to happen to his throat where one of these stings were. I made a paste of baking soda and vinegar and put on it and he went down to #2 son's house and got some Benedryl to take.He isn't allergic to bee stings but these little buggers seem to be more potent in October than any other time of year and they are definitely meaner!!
We went on up to church to finish work there,all that was left to do was vacuuming.
Only a little swelling so far but the Benedryl made him sleepy so he went to bed early.
There must be a bee's nest around that vine ,we will have to find it tomorrow.
As I looked for decade pics for October in the 1970's I came up empty so here's a post card of the place I worked in the 1970's. I had turned 16 in July and by October I had already wrecked 2 cars. My parents pretty much threw up their hands and said they could not afford to keep me in automobiles. I took the insurance money from the last car I wrecked and put a down payment on the mustang I showed in my last post. To make payments on the car I had to find a job. I got a job at a local motel on Saturdays and Sundays cleaning rooms for $1.75 an hour on Saturday and $2.00 an hour on Sunday.

Would your kids work for this money???????/HAhahahahahahahahhahahahhahh!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I know things were a lot cheaper back then, a gallon of gas cost about .35 ,yes that's 35 cents. I could get 5 and 3/4 gallons of gas for an hours pay on Sunday,today you have to be making $15.35 an hour to buy that much gas !!!!
Thanking God for all the blessings He pours down.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha---I remember cheap gas like that. I also remember buying two chili buns and a coke for a quarter.... Mercy Me!!!!!

Your weather this coming week is milder than ours. We are going to be in the high 70's and maybe even 80 for a few days... BUT--like you, we'll have a cool down at the end of next week...

You must have been really tired to sleep that soundly...

Sorry about hubby's bee stings... Hope he will be okay in the morning.


Gail said...

I remember cheap gas, are we telling our age?

Be careful with those wasps. I am allergic but not enough for hospital visits. Doc says the more you are stung, the worse it is.