Monday, October 4, 2010


Well today has been an exciting one.
For my niece it started early,about 1 am, her water broke and off to the hospital she went.
My new little great nephew was born at 1:30 pm today. Welcome to the world sweet pea !!!

This morning while g-son was at pre-school #1 son met with a wound specialist and got the first good news he's heard in a while. The tunnel at the bottom of his wound actually healed quite a bit over the weekend, so no meetings with the doctors,a just wait and see for a week or so.
He and hubbie left to take daughter's jeep to the shop to have a new grill put in because a rock or something had went through and broke the old one.
They picked up g-son on their way back.
I finished baking some cakes just as they got here and after we ate lunch we headed off to the pumpkin patch for an afternoon of fun.We went to this farm first because in yesterday's paper they advertised a playground with a pumpkin house and hay bales to play on. But when we got there and went inside to ask where it was at ,they said the paper had mistakenly put their farm name under that picture and they didn't know where the play ground was,g-son was disappointed, but we made the best of it finding other things for him to do.
There were plenty of cutouts to stick your head through and g-son didn't miss a one of them.We left there and headed over here to see the newest attractions they have.
Ever since these dinosaurs went up I've wondered what they have to do with Fall and from the look on g-son's face when he encountered this one I think he wondered also !!
After some coaxing from Pawpaw..
And watching to see if that thing ate Pawpaw....
Finally a poke in that eye that seemed to follow you throughout the pumpkin patch !!!!
Now this thing looks a lot more friendly to me...
I like this one,can we take her home?????
Well Dad, Nena says to pick out a pumpkin, but there's snakes (gourds) and dinosaurs in there !!!!!! I'm not going in !!!!!!
I'll take this one and is someone keeping an eye on that dinosaur ????
I truly love fall , it is my favorite season and I have promised myself to slow daown and enjoy it this year. Hopefully there will be more afternoons like this one.
After supper hubbie and I headed over to see the newest member of our family.The boy's got more hair than his grandpa !!!All 7 lbs. 20 inches of sweetness.
As I looked at him I thought how it was almost exactly 4 years ago that g-son was almost this exact same size and it's unimaginable looking at him now.The very proud, very tired mom and dad.
As we left and drove home I thought about how this couple's life was going to change so much with the addition of this little one. They have waited a long time for this change in their lives and seem to be more than ready for it.
Today has been a very raw day outside,with wind and 59 degree temperatures and tonight is supposed to be the coldest yet at 37, right now at 11:00 it is 46 so it may make it down there tonight. We haven't turned our heat on yet, just put more blankets on the bed. It feels so good to snuggled down under heavy covers,I've been sleeping well these last few nights.
So thankful tonight for this small little miracle and asking for blessings on this family.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats to the newest member of your family, Marilyn. He's a precious little guy --and I will keep that little family in my prayers.

Looks like your grandson had fun at the Pumpkin Patch... Seems as if he was a little afraid of the dinosaur though.... Cute!!

Good news for No. 1 son's foot... Maybe he will finally heal...

It's been cold here too. We have enjoyed the fires in the fireplace the past couple of days.. That keeps us from having to turn on the heat.... There's snow on the top of Mt. LeConte in the Smokies... Crazy!!!

Have a good day tomorrow.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Beautiful baby. Congratulations my friend. It is wonderful to have a new member join us. I am a new grandmom . . . 3 weeks ago. Please stop by Grace on the Narrow Path and check out my give a way.
PS LOVE the pumpking patch pictures of grandson. LOVE THEM!!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

what a sweetie, glad everyone is fine.
Looks like a wonderful family outing