Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love,love,love this time of year !!!Ready for church this morning among my decorations.These maples at church must not have gotten the memo that yellow was the color for this year!!!
Sermon was interesting this morning, from Romans 16, dealing with the "Holy Kiss",made it a very interesting service.
After church we were getting ready for the late birthday party for g-son with hubbie's family.Our newest addition is almost 2 weeks old,cute as he can be. As I held him for a while today I thought this time next year he will be walking around here,wow !!Here is the birthday boy and my sis-in-laws niece. Wouldn't you love to here this conversation !!!Sis-in-law keeping them from going way up the hill and riding down to fast.Birthday cake !!Blowing out the candle.Opening presents !!And more presents !!!G-son asked his uncle D numerous times in the last month for Stinky the Garbage truck.Family togetherness.Saying good bye.The clean-up.Putting everything away.Sun sets on the other birthday boy and a perfect afternoon !!!!!

Hubbie and I went back to church for our review of the 2nd chapter in The Christian Atheist book.
It is still daylight when we get home now and we have time enough to do the evening chores.
We got daughter to help us with our costumes for next Sunday nights trunk or treat at church. We are going as Abraham and Sarah. Now I just have to figure out a decoration for the back of the van.
We watched the weather tonight and have high hopes for some much needed rain in the next several days.
Thankful tonight for so much it is impossible to describe it, I'm just glad to have such a wonderful Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.

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looks like some wonderful family times