Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Whew!! what a night of weather.Trees down.....Water,water everywhere....
But here we were very lucky with all the damage this storm caused in other places as it crossed the country.
A little driveway scraping and ditch cleaning and we'll be back to normal around our place. That'll have to wait until Friday because it rained off and on all day today. Our creek didn't flood at least not yet !!! We have 4" in our rain gauge this evening.
Did the morning chores in the rain for the 2nd day in a row. The hens didn't even want to come out of their nice dry house when I opened the door they usually come flying out but this morning they timidly stuck their heads out.I had to laugh at them.
I worked in the kitchen all morning baking pound cakes and icing caramel cakes.
The friend called that has the Silkie chickens and ask me to come and get the rest of them today because he ran out of feed and the other man who said he wanted them never got back with him.
#1 son came and met with his nurse and she took the wound vac off to see waht happens between now and Friday. Then she'll decide whether to put it back on or if he gets rid of it permanently,that will be a huge step back to normalcy. He was happy with just a few days without lugging it around.
After lunch I discovered I needed Chocolate chips for my icing and also their is some small chicks in the bunch of silkies so I headed to Tractor Supply for some starter grower for the young chicks and some scratch feed for the older hens. Aldi is next door so I picked up the chocolate chips so I could get the chocolate cakes iced.
As the sun finally broke through the clouds for a while I hurried outside to set up an old rabbit cage with some renovations to make it chick friendly. I put it inside the big lot where all the other chickens are so it would be safe.
I think it will work great for the babies and mamas.
I waited for daughter to get home from work so I would have a chicken catching partner. Her volleyball team lost last night so their season is over. She hasn't been able to come straight home from work since school started.
My friend told me this morning he wouldn't be home but to get all the chickens.We found 2 teenage white ones which he said escaped the lady who came to get the rest of the white ones after I got mine a couple weeks ago.There were 2 of these red roosters who did not want to be caught at all!!We finally rounded up all 7 of the babies who thankfully have most of their feathers as it is supposed to start getting pretty cool and I really don't want to have to rig up a warming light.2 of these pretty red mamas and they were showing their wonderful mothering traits tonight as I went to check on them thinking I would have to put them in the enclosed part of the cage only to find 1 of the mamas already inside with all the small chicks. The 2 teenage chicks were being typical teenagers so I think the other mama settled them down outside in the wire part but tonight the temperature is almost 60 degrees so they'll be fine.
Friday is the day for building another chicken lot and maybe converting a large wooden dog house into a silkie house ? Hubbie just shakes his head when I plan all this but I know he likes animals as much as I do.
As if right on cue tonight as soon as chores were finished the rain started again. Thankfully not as hard as last night's and the wind isn't blowing.
Daughter was already hard at work doing her baking. We had some fresh greens for supper and then I did paperwork until Survivor came on TV.
We loaded the van tonight with all the baked goods just in case it is raining again in the morning.
Thanking God for the blessings of today and asking for comfort for the accident victims families.
Good Night and God Bless.


Nezzy said...

Yep, the winds hit us the day before packin' 50-60 MPH power takin' down trees, buildings and power. We have been in a drought and the mighty storm only gave it 1/10th of an inch of rain. Go figure!!!

God bless and have a glorious day sweetie!!!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Sounds like a very wet night. Glad you and your family are well. I never have heard of silkies wow. . . .they are different.
My kids are coming up for a couple of days around Boone. I am praying for good weather.
PS Everytime I read your post I think I have to rest. YOU are such a worker. Blessings.

Gail said...


Enjoy the new additions.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Sorry you all got the brunt of that storm... We had a little rain and some wind --but nothing dangerous or severe.

Cute little chickens---and those roosters were probably hard to 'catch'..... How many do you have now?????

Hope tomorrow is a good day for you.

Country Mouse Studio said...

wow, some storm, hope it's over. love the Silkies