Saturday, October 16, 2010


Cool morning,still no real signs of frost here but it is getting closer and closer to that time.
29 Years ago this morning I wasn't getting ready to go to market or anywhere else. I was in the hospital starting my second day of labor with #1 son.I was 2 weeks late and the doctor had induced my labor yesterday morning at 9 am. After a very rough night I still wasn't making any progress and they were discussing cesearian. The mid-wife came in and asked if I wanted a cesearian ,I said no if I had wanted one of those I would have already had this over with. She worked with me, I let the epideral wear off and she gave me an injection of sugar water to give me some energy and told me to start pushing. After a while she called the doctor and said the baby was in position,thank you Lord.
Around 8 am on October 16, 1981,with the help of a turn with the forceps my little cone head arrived all 7lbs, 1 1/2 oz, 20 inches of him.My first born..The look of true love !!
Who would have guessed that on that exact same date 25 years later I would be back in a delivery room,this time watching my first grandson being born.At about noon on October 16,2006 grandson arrived ,all 7 lbs, 8 oz, and 21 inches of himAnother look of true love......

Market was okay today,not as busy as I anticipated but there are several other things going on in and around town today.
After market I went to enjoy one of these other things. The Bizarre Bazaar was being held on an old brick street at the old depot in town.
I found a close parking place as my feet were already hurting from standing all day at market. Everytime I sat down today a customer came up ,so finally I just stood behind my table.Any way this was a perfect parking place ,close and shaded.At first I thought there weren't many people,but as I got farther into it there were quite a few people.The booths were very close together and in some of them it was hard to see their merchandise.If I had needed a baby gift I would surely have considered one of these cakes made of everything you could think of for baby.There were booths with flower arrangements ,woodworking, jewelery of all kinds, wool crochet items from local sheep farms, a working blacksmith with an interesting array of crafts,a friend of mine was there with her woven rugs,about any craft you can imagine you could have found it there today.There was live music and several food vendors that smelled wonderful and reminded me I hadn't eaten lunch.Inside the old depot they have unbelievable little railroads set up ,the detail in these amazed me.These trains were moving as this gentleman waits to get a picture as it passes in front of him.If you enlarge this pic you can see a steel railroad bridge behind the factory in the back.I couldn't believe all the little model cars and trucks of days gone by that were in these displays. The men that owned these were dutifully watching over their babies and rightfully so I thought.This much bigger display was in the lobby area of the depot along with some tools and brooms used on the trains when they passed through Hendersonville years ago.
If you are a model railroad buff you don't want to miss this,it is open every Saturday from 10-2 .As I walked back to the van I looked down at this old brick street and wondered how long it had been here. I know the train depot is over 100 years old.I'm sure this brick street was here when all the streets around it were dirt.My purchases, a birdhouse (of course) and a lazy susan to match my table. As I was writing the check and ask who to make it out to I discovered the woodworker was a cousin on my mother's side of the family. It is indeed a small world !!
After smelling all that food but not wanting to carry anything else I headed to Taco Bell for a late lunch and one of their cherry/limeades,yum !!
I picked up supplies for next week and headed home. Hubbie and his brother had went to the funeral of their Aunt (their dad's sister) this afternoon at 2:00 and he got home just before me.
We decided not to chance the frost any longer especially since our county is added to the frost advisory tonight for the first time and cover some of the remaining tomatoes with blankets. No wind tonight means if the temperature gets low enough Jack frost will make an appearance.It is 47 at 11:00 .
Waiting for the late news and then I think I will sleep well tonight for sure.
As I feel the fall coolness and look at all the beautiful colors of the leaves I can't imagine how anyone doubts the love of God and who can look at the intricate designs of nature and doubt His creativity.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Another busy day for you. Glad you took some time to enjoy the extras.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, No frost here --but it's been chilly at nights... Today though it got quite warm...

Interesting name Bizarre Bazaar.... Someone is very creative. I love model trains. My first husband still has that as his hobby... He enjoys it --and he makes villages, etc. which is neat... There is also a Model Train Club here in Crossville. They have a huge display at one of our small malls. It's neat.

We went to Fall Creek Falls State Park today... Gorgeous colors --despite the drought.