Monday, October 18, 2010


Woke to a cool cloudy morning today. After morning chores and placing an Avon order online hubbie and I headed out to do some thrift store shopping to look for Biblical Halloween costume material. We had a successful morning, I found 2 long tan colored wide valances which will be ideal for hubbie's shepherd costume and a long black dress for me . Also I lucked up and found several additional pieces of Heartland china to go with my set really cheap.
We stopped at a place that sells Boars head meat and had a couple of their sandwiches for lunch.
#1 son and g-son were already here waiting on the wound care nurse when we got here.
She had a good report for son, the tunnel at the bottom of the wound is almost completely gone today.Hopefully Friday she will be able to move the foam to the outside and start closing the wound.
After he left #2 son came up to help us dig potatoes.3 generations in the potato patch hard at work.2 diggers and 1 picker upper.Annie and Sadie said this looks like work so we'll just watch, after all we are the "watch dogs" .
We didn't have a whole lot of potatoes this year,4 1/2 buckets and only 1 bucket of baking size. The dry weather took its tole on this crop for sure.
We all went inside to get warm and take a rest after the potatoes were safely in our underground root cellar for winter storage.
I had a cup of hot tea and sat out in the sunroom to watch the birds feed. Not to many at the feeders today. The clouds have hung around all day and broke long enough this evening for a firey ,gorgeous sunset.The clouds seemed to quickly push the sun over the horizon right before my eyes.
The majestic beauty of God's creation continually overwhelms me every day.
After #1 son picked up a sleeping g-son who finally ran out of energy , hubbie and I had the October beans I bought Saturday at market along with some yellow squash. Fresh vegetables are quickly coming to an end and I'll surely miss them. I read somewhere last winter that in the winter season you are better off buying steamable frozen vegetables rather than so called fresh vegetables that have to be shipped over a long distance. What's your thoughts on that ???
Spent a quite ,restful evening getting ready for a busy day tomorrow.
God is so good all the time !!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow--that sunset is wonderful.... What gorgeous pictures.

We don't buy fresh veggies in winter.... We will eat the frozen ones instead.

Glad your No. 1 son is doing better FINALLY... Bless his heart.

Glad you got SOME potatoes... You'll enjoy them!!!

Have a great week.

NCmountainwoman said...

What a wonderful day for everyone, capped by the beautiful skies.

We tend to buy frozen veggies in the winter.

Glad son is doing so well.

Ardith said...

Love the potato digging pics! And the sunset pics were wonderful. You are right, God's very good to us, and I am amazed how we can love the simple things he gives us! Take care and God Bless.

Country Mouse Studio said...

beautiful sunsets, I used to love potato digging time especially when the weather had been dry too many times falls were so wet we were digging them out of muck