Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Coooool !!!!!!! this morning,I kept looking around for frost damage but didn't see any thank goodness. It tied a record of 33 degrees this morning.
I spent the morning after chores inside icing caramel and chocolate cakes.
I did a couple loads of sheets and blankets and hung them out to dry. Isn't taking long to dry today in the bright sunshine and wind.
After lunch I decided to wash my sunroom windows and vacuum the screens. Boy did I underestimate that job !!!
They make it look so easy in the advertisements for these windows,just lay them down and wash away. Well I quickly found out it was not that simple. The top window won't lean out unless the bottom window is leaned out,so I'm trying to hold the bottom window with my legs while trying to stretch and reach all the way across the 30" panes.I had to move furniture and climb up on a ladder to reach across some of the panes.
Ouch !!, I am sore tonight, that was a real workout.
Thankfully hubbie got home in time to help with the high end of the room.
I thought about quitting after the first few but when I saw how much difference it made I was determined to get them all done.
After supper I decided this would be a good night to sit and catch up on paperwork. I am officially done with September now and this weeks bills are payed,success !!!
Watched Survivor on TV and iced 2 coconut cakes before calling it a day.
I don't think it is going to get too cold tonight as it is still 54 degrees at 11:30 tonight.
Hopefully we have dodged the frost bullet for a week or two more anyway.
Thanking God for the good health I am blessed with and thankful for all my blessings.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

...and thank Him for your wonderful energy. I envy that and wish I could recover mine.

Paula said...

I've been putting off the window washing as long as I could, but now you've inspired me! I need to "just do it"! *LOL*
It's been very chilly here too... we had frost the last two mornings!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh--how I despise washing windows --and ours needs it SO much.... Of course, I hate housecleaning at all--so IF I were independently wealthy, I'd hire a housekeeper... ha

We never did get any frost here --although they had a frost advisory out for us for the past 3-4 nights... It got down into the 30's, but since we're not in the valley, it wasn't that bad here.

Hope you have a good day.