Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's a very foggy morning this morning ,the rain stopped about midnight last night.
Market started off slowly but I wound up with a pretty decent day by the end.
After running regular errands I made a couple Avon deliveries before getting home around 5. Hubbie was already here and after we unloaded the van we had a soup and sandwich supper.
There is definitely a nip in the air this evening after a 70 degree afternoon.
During chores I herded all the little new silkie chicks into the enclosed portion of their new home and closed the door,they should be warm in there with the 2 big hens. It is suppose to be in the mid 30's and very windy tonight,brrrr.

While living my entire life in these mountains I've heard many tales,stories and legends of goings on in these parts.
With Halloween only days away it's time for a good ole fashion ghost story don't ya think??
If you are from anywhere around here you have heard the story of Helen's bridge.
The huge mansion at the top of Beaucatcher Mountain known as the Zealander Castle is home to this story. Some say Helen was the housekeeper,some say she was the owners mistress but all agree she had only one worldly possession and that was her beloved daughter who burned to death in the only wooden room in the castle when she was about 4 years old.
Those who have visited the bridge have varying stories to tell of slaps , hot air and mostly broken down automobiles. Seems Helen likes to tamper with the batteries of automobiles.This is one ghost seekers picture of a stump on the rocks under the bridge,you be the judge?????
Enjoy the ghostly tale of Helen's Bridge......

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