Saturday, October 9, 2010


Market day was good today,the annual new car show on Main Street was today and there was plenty of people in town.
I was visiting with a customer friend of mine who lives part time here and part time in Charleston,SC when she showed me a drawing she had commissioned an artist vendor to draw for her from a photo she had. It was of a small chapel. In talking with her I learned this little chapel is near here,in a small town called Trust,NC. She told me the charming story of this chapel. Seems that a prominent lady from Charleston developed terminal cancer in 1981 and after many and various treatments failed to even slow the cancer progress she stopped all treatments. Instead she turned to prayer, she prayed to God and to St. Jude, the saint of hopelessness and impossible causes . Miraculously the cancer disappeared and she lived 20 more years. So thankful after she and her husband moved to Madison County NC she decided to build a chapel to honor the answered prayers she had received.
Living in the small town of Trust now that is where she built the small chapel. She wanted to furnish a place where anyone could go to pray about their troubles and reflect on their blessings. The chapel is non-denominational, everyone is welcome 24 hours everyday.A small 4 pew chapel is always open for anyone who wishes to enter. You can look up the Chapel in Trust ,NC and read what visitors have had to say about their experiences there.
I was amazed to learn about this place I had never heard of and when I looked it up on the internet I really want to go there and see and experience the feelings people talk about that have been there. WOW!!!! You learn something new everyday and today was a good day !!!
When I got home hubbie had successfully demolished my old berry patch. All the raspberries and blackberries had been taken over by elderberries,of which I don't use.
I had ordered some new blackberries this past spring and have them in a different place,they will bear fruit next summer.
W had decided to take out the old berry patch and sew grass back. It is nice now you can see more of the pasture from the sunroom.
Hubbie was in shorts and sweating like it was again summer in today's 82 degree temps.
For tonight's supper we had some of a smoked turkey breast I brought home with some fresh okra from a neighbor vendor and fresh collard greens from our garden,mmmmm!!!
After a long fall loving walk with all the dog's we spent a relaxing evening.These Rose Hips really stood out with their bright red color.
We have several Black Walnut trees on our farm and a sure sign of Fall is the green skinned walnuts all over the ground.
Parts of our pasture take on a fall glow with the blooming Lady's Thumb weed.
By the way I love this picture, it almost looks like a painting.Even at our elevation the reds and yellows are starting to show up.In this blurry picture could that be the profile of Old Man Winter lurking in the golden leaves of autumn ????As the day comes to close and this Egret catches the last reflecting rays of the setting sun it's time to head home.Just as these colored leaves float aimlessly in the crystal clear waters of the creek I can't help but wonder at the love of God who creates all this beauty just for the pleasure of our eyes, that my friend is TRUE LOVE !!!!
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Wonderful story and great fall pictures.

I am surprised you do not use elderberries...they make wonderful jelly and wine too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I had to look that little chapel up and find out where it is.. I definitely want to visit there sometime.. That is GORGEOUS... Wish I could get my Atlanta friend to go there -since she has Breast Cancer and it keeps spreading.

Glad you were able to get rid of your old berry patch... I don't care for elderberries either...

It's almost HOT here too... We've been working in the yard... We have many Chestnut Oaks in our yard --and they give us TONS of acorns/nuts.... I have picked up, raked up, scooped up OODLES of them this past week--and they are still raining down...

Have a great day.