Saturday, October 30, 2010


BRRRRR!!!!!! Well it had to happen sooner or later, a visit from Jack Frost for us was long over due. Here's some mint leaves this morning as they shiver in the freshly dropped frost.
It also made it hard to get out from under those warm covers!
Market day is fun on Halloween, I dust off the old witch hat for this day.Daughter went with me to help this morning as Sears is delivering my new oven today between 10 am and noon. Hubbie stayed behind to help them get it into the kitchen.
We had a busy day both of us worked pretty regular all morning.
At home the stove was here about 10:30 and #2 son who is off for his once a month long weekend came up and he and Hubbie got it installed and ready to go. It took them a couple hours to get everything done.Love it,love it, love it !!! Can't wait to try it out !!!
Daughter and I walked up to a re-sale shop when we left market. I found a shirt I don't need and she found a scarf that I bought for her to give her at Christmas.
I always do this every year when we go shopping and she sees something that is to expensive for her budget right then ,I'll get it for her and put it away and she is still always surprised at Christmas because she always forgets about it. That's one way of getting her something I know she likes.
I went to pick up next weeks supplies and some candy for trunk or treat at church tomorrow night and she went to get some cabbage for lunch tomorrow and then to carve pumpkins with her b/f .
I lit up my pumpkins tonight in case some trick or treaters come out tonight.No one showed up tonight.We live pretty far off the road so unless it's people we know we usually don't have many kids come by our house.
Mmmmmm!!!! we had more of our fresh broccoli tonight with some fresh green beans I bought at market.Love this photo, I set my camera on night portrait to capture the fiber optics on this witch who watches for trick or treaters.
Here is the witch at the same time on auto setting.The fiber optics didn't show up.
There is another legend in these parts that I have heard about since I was a child. The Brown Mountain lights have been a mystery for years and years. There are 2 different ideas about what causes these mysterious lights.
Here is one with some pretty impressive reasoning behind it.

Tomorrow I'll publish the other one with a special treat. I wish all my friends a safe and fun Halloween.


Gail said...

First, I have oven envy! That is the most beautiful double I have seen. Enjoy.

Second, I love your story. It is awesome to be so close to such a legend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Halloween, Marilyn.... I haven't heard the story of the lights at Brown Mtn. BUT--there's a similar place in Florida (long stretch of road) where you can see a light in the distance... Yet there are no houses around --and it is a desolate area.... I've seen that light ---and when we get closer, it disappears.... Weird!!!!

Love your witch hat, and your home decorations. Hope you all have a good time at Trunk or Treat... I'm sure your little grandson will enjoy it... Please take a picture of him in his costume.

We haven't gotten frost yet --but it got close a time or two...

P.S. Love the new oven.... Gorgeous!!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

wonderful oven and your shop looks amazing. I baked cookies for the Farmer's Market this summer with just an ordinary oven and gave up after a few weeks. It would take me about 12 hrs baking for one day of market. You are a very hard worker to have all that ready.