Sunday, October 3, 2010


Church service was different this morning. Our main preacher is back from a 2 week vacation and he switched the order of the service around and preached 1st and then had the offering,singing and announcements. I liked the sermon first but there was not a formal invitation and I think that might have to be added,but that's just my thoughts.
Daughter was the only missing one at lunch as she is working the lunch shift at Fatz today.
It started misting rain this afternoon which made a 61 degree afternoon down right chilly!
Hubbie had a Deacon's meeting at church early evening and I met him at the pm service. We haven't been attending this service regularly and we need to get back in the habit. We started working our way through a book called tonight and it sounds exciting. I have always enjoyed the pm service because it is so layed back and informal. We will read 1 chapter a week and discuss it at the pm service.
On the way to church I noticed these mountains.
One mountain top cover in a cloud while the one next to it is lit up with sunshine. That's definitely mountain weather for ya !!!
A sign of fall is one of my cousin's grain trucks sitting in his harvested corn field.
Fall is here and making up for lost time with night time temps getting into the 30's already,brrrrrr !!!
Had a relaxing evening tonight, I am feeling much better in my knees and hips which is surprising with this cool , damp weather but I'll take it.
Thankful for a wonderful Sunday filled with God and family.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

God and family... There's nothing better...

We've had a cloudy, cold day with temps in the 50's. We have had a fire going in the fireplace all day.. Feels so good.

We also have a frost advisory out--but I don't think we'll get that cold... I hope not since we still have lots of pretty roses blooming.

Have a great week, Marilyn.