Sunday, October 10, 2010


Church was special this morning,I can't explain it but it just was so uplifting,the preacher even said he felt it.
We had lunch with everyone except daughter who was working at Fatz again.
Everyone had a busy afternoon so hubbie and I were left alone early and decided to make a trip to Lowes. We have been wanting to look at heaters for the sunroom and get a idea on what replacement windows for our house would cost.
After checking out the windows we found this heater which satisfied all our requirements we hope,as long as it puts out enough heat.
Can't wait to sit out in the sunroom in the dark and watch the flames flicker.
After we got home and got the stove set up it was time to head back to church, we had a Messianic Jew speaking tonight.
It was a very interesting service, he provided a short description of the Messianic Judaism religion and then answered questions.
He blessed us in Hebrew and while standing there listening to the chant like blessing I couldn't understand, I had a funny feeling as to whether I really should be there but then he gave us the same blessing in English and it was nice.
Back home we hurriedly finished the evening chores and tried out our new stove,just the flame part as we don't need the heat tonight. I was impressed at how real the flames look. I know I'm gonna enjoy this !!
October is usually a busy month and in the past decades it surely was busy. One of the busiest I can remember was the first October after hubbie and I were married.
We both loved to fish and spent as much time on the lake as we could in October when the fishing was supposed to be good.
Maybe the fishing was good for some but for us it was usually like this after an all day stay on the lake. The first year we were married we followed the race circuit anytime it was close enough.Richard Petty was hubbie's favorite driver, we have many things with his autograph on them. A local driver named Dave Marcis won the race this year.Next on our activity list for this October was a trip to Music City USA in Nashville,Tenn.
Our friends Doug Dunlap and his girlfriend Beth (can't remember her last name) ,hubbie and I went to the Opryland themepark and got to go to the original Grand Ole Opry where we saw stars like Loretta Lynn in person.We were lucky to have seats near the stage and I got some good pictures of all the stars we saw that night.I'm glad I got to see this part of historyAn impressive place !!.We saw the second show and saw some alot of famous performers,some of which have since passed away.I've always been an animal lover and if there is a petting zoo around I'll be there !!!

As we left Nashville and drove home on October the 19th, 2 days later our nephew arrived. Hubbie's brother and his wife had a bouncing baby boy on October 21,1980.I remember after seeing this little bundle of joy hubbie and I decided it might be time for us to start our family.
A fun filled month in 1980, we were enjoying our 1st year of marriage.
Thanking God tonight for a wonderful God filled Sunday.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

We have a stove very similiar and it has heated my husband's office for years. Love it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a great post, Marilyn.... Sounds like life is wonderful for you these days... Love your new heater.... It's the next best thing to a fireplace....

Loved your '80's pictures....We've been to the Grand Ole Opry twice I think---and we loved it... I hope we can go back again soon...

Have you been back to Nashville since the Opry Hotel was put in --to replace the theme park???? If not, you need to do that sometime.

Hope you had a great day... Our colors are getting so pretty here despite the drought.