Sunday, June 13, 2021


 Up to a cloudy drizzly cool morning at the beach. We all had breakfast and then headed over to the beach in a light drizzle of rain. Thankfully our villa is located next to the beach access so it is a short walk to the beach. RL and IR dove right into the fun of running from the waves and had so much fun.

CA isn't thrilled about the water but had other ideas of fun on the beach.

The rain picked up in intensity so we came back to the villa to get in the golf carts and headed over to the huge indoor pool. We had the pool all to ourselves and it was so nice. 

This hot tub was nice for hubbie and g-son to lay in and even I sat on the side and held my bad knee in the warm swirling water making it feel much better. CA joined me and held her feet in the warm water for a long time. It did feed very good on a cool morning.

We played until we all got hungry for lunch and we headed back to the villa. We ordered pizza and d-in-love A and #1 son went to the grocery store and picked the pizza up.  It was a good lunch and everyone ate their fill.  After sitting around the house for a little while and watching the rain taper off we took the kids over to the outside water park and they played the rest of the afternoon there.  There was something for everyone to do there.

We left there and stopped by the ice cream shop on the way home.  When we got back and everyone got dried off daughter tried to find a place for some carry out supper but no one would answer the phones. All the restaurants are so short staffed that they spend all their time with in house customers I'm sure.  We all ended up snacking around on things we have here for supper.   We spent an enjoyable evening together watching TV and relaxing. 

Thankful for the blessings of this day.

God Bless and Good Night

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