Thursday, June 10, 2021


 Up to get ready for our errand day in town. I got chores done and grabbed a meal bar with a cup of to go coffee while hubbie met an egg customer to deliver her egg order.  We loaded up a cake to deliver and went over to pick up IR and CA to go with us so daughter could get some yard work done. We went to the dump/ recycle center first , then the bank where we ran into #2 son. He and Tif were getting ready to take her new subaru outback to Tennessee to have a conversion kit put in it. They ended up totaling her other one after finding more damage than they originally thought.  We left there and stopped by the curb market to drop off a cake for a fellow vendor for an event this weekend she is attending.  We left there and came home.  I grabbed 4 more caramel cakes and drove out to Ingles to meet a couple customers there with the cakes.  I got gas and then headed home. Daughter had picked up lunch and was here when I got here so we all had lunch and then CA went to sleep so I took IR outside to play while daughter rested inside with CA.   When CA woke up they all went home to get more yard work done and then take IR to gymnastics this evening.    I got my brush clippers and worked on cleaning out some of the flower beds around the yard and some of the invasive vines that keep trying to take over my forsythia on the hill below my sewing shop.   Hubbie finished mowing the lawn and then he picked up all the clippings for me. We were both pouring sweat in the humid hot afternoon.  We got cold drinks and took a break out in the covered patio until the wind got up and the rain started.  It was a very light rain and only left about 1/10th inch again today.  After a short break inside watching the news we went outside to get chores done.   We relaxed for the evening and watched another very light shower end the daylight hours.  Tomorrow is supposed to be out rainiest day and hopefully we will get some since all week we have barely gotten an inch all week.  Next week is supposed to dry so we need to get things enough water to survive a dry week ahead.

Thankful for the blessings of this day.

God Bless and Good Night

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