Thursday, May 3, 2018


Another Thursday market day begins with the arrival of both g-girls. I did chores and then got ready for market while listening to the happy giggles of IR and conversation between RL and hubbie as she discovered all the goodies I had brought in from the flea market yesterday.
We all were ready and left on time this morning. I dropped RL at her pre-school and IR and I continued on to market to meet hubbie who had stopped on his way for our breakfast biscuits.
We got unloaded and set up taking turns with IR and then we all three had breakfast.
Connie and Tommy, other grandparents picked up IR about 10:30.
I had a pretty busy day today thankfully and also got some market business phone calls made.
I had a visit from an old classmate that I haven't seen in a while which made the time pass between customers.
Hubbie left early to do our Sam's Club shopping for the week and get home to mow the lawn since they are now predicting rain for Saturday.
I stayed fairly busy all day which is a good sign for the busy season beginning.
I left market and went by the bank , Sav Mor , Aldi and an Ingles gas station for my weekly fill-up. Gas keeps going up in price , it is $2.63 per gallon today.
I got home and hubbie took a break from the mowing ad helped me unload and get things put away.
I rested for a few minutes and watched the news.
G-son had his science fair at school tonight so d-in-love went with him and #1 son wanted to work on his fence that he is putting along the road to enlarge his yard so RL came up to stay with us a while.
This is the guinea house that hubbie is building. RL always thinks anything hubbie builds is a playhouse for her !!
We did chores and then had cantaloupe that was very good for an early season cantaloupe.
She walked with me this evening and pointed out all the pretty Iris blooms that have added more color to the yard.

And of course Pumpkin the cat got lots of hugs .
This evening outside made me look forward to the warm evenings of this summer and playing with the kids until darkness makes it to dark to see. Today was 83 degrees which is about 11 degrees higher than our normal temp but we are thankful for the warmth after the long cold winter we had.

Thankful for the blessings of this day.
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

Love all your Irises. Have a blessed weekend.