Monday, December 12, 2011


Woke to a cloudy cold morning,30 degrees at chore time. Hubbie had taken g-son to pre-school and went to get a haircut and get his truck inspected. I did chores,ate breakfast and worked my crossword before working on straightening up some of my outside decorations after last weeks wind.
We picked up g-son and stopped by Sam's Club for lunch. Each Monday as we leave Sam's g-son has asked for money to put in the Salvation Army  kettle.

This same guy is always there and he acts so appreciative and impressed with g-son's generousity. Hopefully this help will teach him to be generous.
When we got home hubbie took an elderly neighbor a load of fire wood then worked on cutting some of the dead trees up that we had cut down a couple weeks ago.
 I finished putting up my outside lights with g-son's help.
I was trying to figure the scanning process out on this new computor when d-in-love came after g-son so she showed me how to get what I needed done.
I worked on scanning in decade pics until chore time this evening. This has turned out to be a very nice day,with the high around 50 and sunny. Tomorrow is going to be even nicer.

I need to do some catching up with decade pics for this month because of course around Christmas there was always plenty of pictures.
Starting before I existed in December of 1951 I found this photo with the note on the back of "first date, Dec. 1951".
This is my mom and dad.
They got married in January 1952 so it must have been love at first sight !!

Ten years later they had their whole family around them in December 1961 here my 2 brothers and I are with my dad in front of our Christmas tree. Dad doesn't look happy to be posing for photos!

Mom must have been like me as she isn't in any pictures, so I'm assuming she was the photographer.

Here's a close up of my oldest brother and I with our Christmas presents. I still have this doll stored away downstairs, it's hard to believe she is 50 years old.

I could find no Christmas pictures for 1971 which would have been the Christmas before I graduated high school. I know our family was stuggling financially during that time so we might have forgone gifts that year.

After a little relaxing time tonight I baked a couple pound cakes for orders to be delivered tomorrow.
Thankful for all the blessings of today and for that precious baby born on a bed of hay so many years ago to save us from our sins.
Good Night and God Bless.


NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, is that a Saucy Walker? I have one just like it except that she has a different dress and her hair is in pigtails. I named her Julia and like yours she is now packed away.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great old pictures, Marilyn... Love your dolly!!! Glad you still have her..

We have been in Gatlinburg for a couple of days -enjoying the Christmas lights with friends, and also enjoying the Smokies!!!

Merry Christmas.

Nezzy said...

Stacy Walker or Patty PlayPal???

My parents married 1951 I was born ten months later. Mom always point's that out! Heeehehehe!

I adore lookin' at your old pics. Get a load of that tree!!!

God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous day!!!

Have ya popped over for the giveaway...I'll set some fudge out for ya! Heeehehehe!!! :o)