Monday, December 19, 2011


On this really nice Sunday morning hubbie and I had nursery duty at church. We kept ten ,2 and under kids occupied for almost 2 hours,whew !!!!  I needed a nap when I got home but of course that wasn't in my plans for today !
We had a spaghetti lunch with #2 son and daughter, as #1 son took g-son to a birthday party from 12-2 this afternoon.
After lunch #2 son and daughter left going to her house to work on some things. Hubbie finished the fence work he started yesterdayand headed over to help, and I  had plans to get my old computer which is now in my work room downstairs on line with a new USB adapter I bought last week.
Being as computer literate as I am it took me all afternoon with finally a call to daughter to get it up and running.
After chores I wasn't hungry  so I did some exercise downstairs and then watched the Survivor ending special .
As I exercised this evening I thought of all I need to do this week and how hectic things have been this month. But then I came upstairs and looked through some decade pictures for tonight's post and realized just how non-hectic Decembers are now for me.
You'll see what I mean as I take you through December 1991.
#1 and #2 son (seen here jumping) were both playing youth basketball that December on a team together that hubbie was helping coach. Every Saturday we were in a gym somewhere along with a couple nights a week practice.

Both boys were in Cub Scouts and Hubbie and I were both pack officials, this is the float we decorated to put in the Christmas parade that year. #1 son is off the float on the left side, #2 son is sitting in front of the fire in the black pants, hubbie is in the white cap on the right side of the float. There is a sweet manger scene on the back of the float behind the greenery.

I did a lot of volunteering at the elementary school where all the kids went and that year they ask me to paint this huge murial for the school Christmas play. I remember having these flags spread out on my dining room table for days.

Here is #2 son in the play in the green sweatshirt dancing in the center of the stage.

Then there was always the church Christmas play that all 3 kids were always in. We practiced every Sunday afternoon. The director was a close friend of mine and I always helped her with the play.
Here is #1 son doing his part in the play. That year all the kids were tourist sailing on the USS Christmas.

Here daughter bashfully does her part.

And here #2 son sings his part with a really nice in tune voice.

Finally finished with the scout activities,school and church plays we settled down for a busy Christmas.
On Christmas eve we always had Christmas with Hubbie's side of the family. His mom and dad sit in the background watching their 5 grandchildren opening presents.

Then it was time to put together and get things ready for Christmas morning. On this particular Christmas Santa was extra nice and even left a ping pong table downstairs for us to put together.
Here is our tree that year, we always took the kids to a tree farm and picked out a live tree.

A happy girl on Christmas morning.

#1 son has always been into guns of some sort.

#2 son was happy here and even happier when he saw the ping pong table downstairs.

One thing that makes this Christmas more memorable was when he went downstairs he said " I just can't believe Santa brought us all this stuff and it's all free",  the innocence of a child is a priceless gift.
He loved the pingpong table.

For lunch on Christmas day we loaded up and went up on Sugarloaf Mountain to eat with hubbie's grandmother and some of his family.
On Christmas day night we headed up to my mom's for my side of the family's celebration.
These are the cousins on my side, my 3 and my oldest brothers 1 daughter.

My 76 year old mom on that Christmas night.

And here is a tired hibbie and me on that night.

When I look back and see all this and know that along with all this we were running a cow/calf operation of about 60 head of cattle along with milking cows and goats and had chickens to take care of , maybe I don't think this year's december has been too hectic after all !!!!
I have been blessed beyond measure with wonderful memories of a very full life and I thank God each day for guiding me along the way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, Yes--it is true just how hectic life was back when the kids were little... Wonder how we got through those times????? (Of course, we were younger!!!)

Great set of photos... Life for you and your family has always been GREAT, hasn't it???? AND--to have all 3 kids nearby is such a joy for you I'm sure...

Merry Christmas.