Friday, December 23, 2011


Only two days before Christmas and this is going to be a very busy time for me. I didn't even have a chance to post a blog so I did this one on Saturday night and back dated it.
Hubbie is off today thankfully so after our morning chores we went to work at church.
We finished just before lunch time so we ate and then met #2 son out town to help him pick a gift for g-son. He was going back home to plant 20 murray cypress trees hubbie had picked up for him yesterday evening. He is planting them along the road where he had some large pine trees taken down after the wind almost blew one of them on to his house. These trees only get about 30 feet so they won't reach his house.
Hubbie and I then headed to Brevard, one of our favorite Christmas shopping locals. We met daughter there as she was already on a dog sitting job in that area.
We had fun shopping in the small shops along main street. Unfortunately g-son didn't get to make the trip with us this year. D-in-loves family was having a get together this evening and it was about a 2 hour drive away.
He loved going in Opie Taylor's toy store and playing on this race track.

Hubbie and daughter tried their racing skills out in his absence.
We shopped till we dropped as the old saying goes. It was after dark when we finally made it home and got out the flashlights to do the chores once again.
A friend of mine picked up a couple cakes for her Christmas gathering and I got a call from another friend desperate for anything I might have for her party. At least I can feel accompanied in the fact that I' m not at all ready this year.
While hubbie snoozed in the recliner I made a list of all the food I was going to cook in the next 2 days and then woke him up to go drive me to the grocery store.
He also wanted to go check on daughter's house since she isn't home and the neighbor's house is getting foreclosed on next week and they were over there yesterday taking of their things away.
We got all the groceries, stopped by her house where all was quite and then hubbie decided he needed to stop by Wallyworld to pick up a race track g-son wanted. But unfortunately they didn't have it.
We are to old for this kind of night shopping trip and as we unloaded the van at midnight I could feel my age catching up with me quickly.
And the worst part is we're still not finished with our shopping !!!
I fell into bed and don't even remember closing my eyes.
Thanks be to God for the strength He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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