Thursday, December 8, 2011


No snow for us this morning but veryyyyyy cold temperatures,of course 26 is only very cold  if you live in the sunny south !!! But I do and it was cold this morning as I broke ice on water buckets and hoped they didn't freeze back before everything got a drink.
At market it was a slow day as expected,at least my orders got picked up and I had very little shopping to do for supplies for Saturday.
I made it home before 4:00 and after unloading the van got a chance to relax before evening chore time.
The weather is nice this evening with sunshine finally winning out over most of the clouds the temperature got into the mid 40's.
While outside doing chores I had to go get my camera as I watched this beautiful sunset.

I thought this was pretty but as I finished chores and headed back toward the house this was even more splendid.

Wow, this looks like a fire with smoke trails rising from it !! Isn't God wonderful !!!! Sunsets never cease to amaze me at how fast they change colors,as this changa happened within minutes.
To make this evening even more special as I turned back the other way I was greeted by this huge glowing full moon already high in the evening sky.

As I came inside for the evening I relaxed for awhile before I started my baking. I baked 18 layers ,2 pound and 1 wine cake tonight.
Just as I thought I was finishing early I remembered I have to send an Avon order off in the morning so I need to post it online tonight, oh well it's only 11:45 !!
So thankful tonight for the blessings of today and the guidance of my Lord in everything I do.
Saw this sign and just had to share.

Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Holy Cow.... That snow missed you???? I have a blog friend in VA who said they were supposed to get about 3 inches.. They got nothing also... Weird... Who knows about the weather ANYWHERE???? ha ha

I did my blog today on our pretty little snow on Wed... You will enjoy seeing the pictures.

YES---let's say Merry Christmas and NOT Happy Holidays....