Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Woke to pouring rain this morning. I checked the rain gauge during chore time and it already had 2" in it . This was more than twice the predicted amount for our area.

This was the map they showed on the news last night and had only 1" for our area.

After soggy chore duty and breakfast hubbie and I decided we couldn't do anything else so we would go shopping. He needed a new belt and some new dress shoes. Off we went to Pennys and Belks. Got some great deals at both and he got everything he needed plus and of course I found some things I needed also. When we came out of the small mall  in our area about noon we were surprised with blue skies and bright sunshine. We went to Hot Dog world for lunch but it was too crowded so we ate at Wendy's instead. I tried an apple/pecan chicken salad and I would reccomend it !
We stopped at a neighboring new thrift store but hubbie only found a 25 cent book to buy. Like all the other thrift stores in our area the prices were a bit on the high side. Even the clothes were the same price that I had just bought some things on sale at Belks for. Our last stop was Walmart for my baking supplies. By the time we came out of there we were slowly walking to the car talking with some friends that we had ran into and it was so cold and windy now that I was shivering by the time I got into the van.
Back at home hubbie went to work at his shop on some side boards for our big trailer so we can haul all the brush we are clearing at daughter's house. I worked inside doing some housework and emptying my fish tank where my Beta fish just died. I think he was just old after all I've had him for a long time.
After evening chores I enjoyed sitting in the sunroom  with the electric fireplace going just relaxing and watcing the sun go down. This was the first time this year I've had this stove on and it felt good. I love to sit and watch the flames,they are almost hipnotizing.

We are in for a windy night and with all the wet ground I just pray that trees don't start falling on the power lines.
Daughter came by tonight and #2 son helped her and hubbie move her treadmill to her house as she got her work out room cleared out of all the moving boxes today.
I baked 20 layers , a pound and 2 wine cakes tonight for market on Thursday. That will be the last market day of 2011.
This crazy weather has had almost everything in one day today. Rain and warm temperatures this morning, sun and wind this afternoon and guess what tonight is bringing ???

Yes those are snow flakes,really big fluffy ones !!! Although not expected to amount to anything they sure are pretty coming down and are a nice reminder that it is winter time after all.

The remainder of 2011 looks pretty calm on the weather map.

My earlier bed time went by the wayside tonight as I sit here at 11:45 waiting for things to come out of the oven.
Grateful tonight for the love of an awesome God.
Good  Night and God Bless.


Julie Harward said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas...Happy New Year to you too! We still don't have enough snow to talk about..we'll get it in the next few months though! ;D

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, I'm on vacation (at home) this week --so am not blogging. But--I did want to say that I'm reading your blog posts each day...

We had all of that rain during the night and morning on Tuesday... Then, last night, we had some snow (just a dusting though).... Today, it's cold but the sun is out!!!!!

Have a blessed week and a fantastic 2012.

Gail said...

We are having the strange weather, too. Snow, then washed away with rain, and then every thing freezes. I am already looking forward to spring.