Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Strange Tuesday today as I get ready to go to market instead of starting laundry and housework. Got most of my work here done yesterday. With market closed on Saturday this week I decided I'd come  today to try to make up for a lost Saturday's sales. I have done pretty good ,especially for daughter who makes our pumpkin rolls. I sold 4 just as I got here this morning so that made her day. She is working at school today as her last day before holiday vacation begins.

I had a nice visit with a couple of neighbors who live just out the road from us that we hardly ever see because we are both so busy.
After market I picked up baking supplies and delivered an Avon order as well as buying a new printer from Staples for the computer downstairs. I planned on buying ink for it as daughter said she didn't think there was anything wrong with the old printer she had   but just being out of ink. When I went in Staples to pick up ink I saw a new HP all-in-one printer on sale  for $5 more than the ink for the old one so I now have a new wireless printer !!
I got everything put away and the chores finished as it started to rain lightly. It has been another warm day, 57 degrees and it has been very cloudy all evening. Tonight at almost midnight it is still 51 degrees !
Just before supper I had to make another Avon delivery over at a nearby Dollar General Store.
Hubbie and had baked potatoes for supper topped with cheese and bacon.
Daughter came in to pick up the supplies I got for her today and went home to do her baking.
I baked 32 layers plus some pound and wine cakes tonight.

The weather forecasters came out with a surprise tonight !!!  Now we could get a mix bag of precip. for Christmas.

After all this nice spring like weather wouldn't some snow for Christmas be a surprise ???
I don't think it will happen but after the last couple years who knows !!

I found some really cute wreaths while looking around on the internet today and thought I would share this picture of these easy to make wreaths.

These would make very nice gifts for the card player or anyone who is difficult to buy for. Maybe next year I'll make some to sell at market.
Grateful to God for the nearing celebration of the birth of His son.
Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a busy day! Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey--looks like you all may get some snow on Christmas. Wouldn't that be great??? I would love it--but it's going to miss us I think...

Glad you had a good day at your TUESDAY market.