Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Up early getting ready for a major work day over at daughter's house. Hubbie ran to the tag office to get his truck tag this morning and picked up animal feed while I did morning chores.
When he got back we hooked up the big trailer and headed over to her house with all the brush and tree cutting tools we thought we would need.
I took lunch over from the left overs still from Christmas day and #1 son came to help eat and work.
We cut and dragged,and loaded ,and  piled until we were all wore out and it was about 4:30. I should have taken a before picture but even though I had my camera in my purse I forgot.
This is the trailer we loaded to bring home to put on our burn pile.

I drove my van so I could follow closely behind him because there was water in the lights and brakes connector so we didn't even hook them up for fear of blowing fuses.

That's a lot of brush and some big logs that we cut packed on there.
We left 4 huge piles of brush and there is a steep corner of her lot we didn't get to yet. Hubbie is going tomorrow to check on renting a pushable brush cutter to get into that area with. This part of her lot has never been cleared and used to be an old orchard so it is full of multi-floral roses and bittersweet vine.
We got home and unhooked just in time for chores. Our bottom pasture where the burn pile is kept is too wet to drive the truck even in 4-wheel drive through so hubbie will hook the trailer to the tractor tomorrow and unload it down there.
After chores I snapped a photo of the almost gone sun.

Today has been a beautiful day a little cooler than it has been only getting to 43 degrees but the wind stopped blowing just after noon so the sun felt good, in fact my face is a little red from working outside all day. 
Speaking of my face I am the one who usually gets banged up when we work and today was no exception. The first inury occurred before we left the yard as I walked into some boards sticking out of the back of the truck while helping hook up the trailer and got a nice knot on my forehead.
Then I almost made it through the day until right before we stopped and a brair caught my ear and sliced it all the way across. All in a days work around here and I'm thankful with all the chainsawing and brush cutting we did I am very thankful these were the only injuries suffered today.
I did paperwork after a light supper tonight and caught up on some  task that I put off  until after Christmas.
Then it was time to ice cakes, 6 caramel,2 chocolate and 2 coconut and I finished just before the news went off. My earlier bedtime tries haven't been successful yet, maybe things will slow down for me when everyone goes back to work next week. Hubbie put my new exercise bike together tonight, now I just need to find time to use it.
Almost midnight and it's 28 degrees,brrrr, I'm headed to get ready for bed.
Thanking God for the strength he gives me each day and for watching over us today as we worked.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Oh, you put me to shame!

I am the injury receiver here, too. Bev says the day's not over 'til Gail gets an owie.

It is wonderful how your entire family works toward a common goal.

Anonymous said...



Betsy from Tennessee said...

You make me tired just reading about all that you and your hubby do... Your kids had better be thankful that they have such wonderful parents who do so much for all of them.... Someday--you may not be able to do all that you do.. That is when the 'kids' will have to step up and help you!!!!! Tis Life!!!!!