Thursday, December 29, 2011


Very cold, frosty morning today. Ice was a new thickness on the water buckets today.
The last Thursday market day of the year and until next April  was a slow one. When I got there the parking lot looked like we were closed with only a few sllers cars. I managed to sell a few things and with my orders it was worth my time to sit there for 5 hours. I read the newspaper and worked on the crossword puzzle most of the morning. When the heaters went off I started packing up because it began to get pretty cold in there with the uninsulated block walls.
I ran regular errands and picked up a corner shelf I had ordered from Walmart.
I am still cold although the temperature in the van says 53 degrees.
Hubbie was here and helped me unload the van. He had gotten all the brush off the trailer so he can pick up the brush cutter he rented for tomorrow on it.
I rested a little while before chore time.
We had the little buds of broccoli that were on our plants and some kale greens from our garden for supper. I love having fresh garden things in the winter time. Hopefully the really cold weather that is predicted for nest week won't wipe out our Kale and Collards.
Me or Hubbie didn't sleep well last night, I think we were both too tired to sleep so we are struggling to stay awake as we watch UNC beat the socks off Elon college. I'm on the couch snuggled with my 4-legged kids and he is in his recliner.
I decided to blog early as both Bernie and Dolly need baths tonight and I can get into bed early.
The Direct TV repairman is coming between 8am and noon tomorrow to work on the receiver in our bedroom so there won't be any sleeping late in the morning.
I saw this sign today and thought I'd share.

I'm already sick of the elections and we have almost a year to go,yuck !!!
Thankful for the blessings and love from my precious Savior and Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.


Ardith said...

Hi! Love that you are still getting Kale from your garden. It's my favorite. How do you grow it in the winter? Do you have to put out new plants, or are they still the ones from summer? That's the only thing that would grown in our garden last summer! Have a great New Years and God bless you from Green Country.

Anonymous said...

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