Monday, February 17, 2014


G-son was here at 7am to begin the "getting back to normal" week. He wasn't happy about going back to school but didn't protest to much as hubbie took him this morning. I did chores and had breakfast then hubbie and I headed out to Belk's to look for him a dark suit they had advertised in their President's Day sale.  He found a perfect fitting black coat and pants, a $280 suit on sale for $100, he was happy with the deal. He found a few other things as did I, of course.
We also made a stop at Sam's Club to re-stock some supplies.
We made it home for a late lunch. I finished my shredding for the month before I had to go for my yearly skin check at my dermatologist office. He found nothing wrong today so that was a relief.
My appointment was at 2:30 so I drove hubbie's truck so he could take the van to pick up g-son.
I beat them home by a few minutes because they had went over to daughter's house to let Tipper her dog out for a run. She has her last regular season game tonight.
After getting g-son settled in with mac and cheese and bacon with chocolate milk to drink I went outside to do the evening chores.
I have my first setting Silkie moved into a brooder box. Hopefully the really cold temperatures are over but if I need to make it warmer I can put a light with her. This will give me some early chicks to sell.
#1 son picked up g-son, he tried on hubbie's new suit coat and it fit him also. At least we know what size he wears now.
Hubbie and I watched a UNC/ Florida state basketball game tonight which UNC won.
Daughter's varsity team won their game tonight placing them in sole possession of third place in their conference.  The conference tournament starts Wednesday for them.
I received my new "secret sister" name tonight and am excited to begin this next 6 months of prayers and thoughtfulness.
Since I don't have any pics for today this is a perfect day to continue the decade pics for February.
I found this old newspaper clipping from February 1964 of the Edneyville boys basketball team. Mark Maxwell named in the pic is our neighbor who has lived all his life just up the road from us.

Fast forward 10 years into February 1974 and I was employed by Ball Corporation the mason jar manufacturer.  They put out a news letter a couple times a year and in this issue was a picture of me singing with a group of other ladies at our Christmas party. We called ourselves "The Limit Samples" which was a name given a group of sample jars required by Gerber from each pallet of baby food jars we shipped to them. When glass jars came out of the furnace they might have various defects in them and each member of our little group picked a name from these defects. I was a very skinny lady at that time so my name was "Miss Under Capacity" which meant the glass was to thin on the jars.
We had a lot of fun back them. The plant operated on swing shifts and after six years of not sleeping on a regular schedule I found a daytime job with another company.
I had some good and bad memories of those swing shift nights and days.
Thanking God for looking after me during that time.
Our God is definitely an awesome God !
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Glad g-son is getting back to normal with school. O works swing shift for 6 months and didn't like it at all. But I must say the plant was a lot quieter at night. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

It's always nice to find good quality clothing on sale. Generally speaking it's very hard to fine a nice suit for this great price. Your husband did good!!!

I love looking at old pictures. Swing shifts can be so hard to deal with.