Friday, February 28, 2014


Finally the last day of a cold, wintery February has arrived !  G-son wasn't feeling the spirit of going to school this morning but didn't protest too much as I guided him through our morning routine.
My dang ear is still clogged, so much so this morning I didn't here my phone ring when #1 son called to say they were on their way. Good thing I have too louder alarms that bark hysterically when a car pulls up the driveway.
After I got him to school, did the chores and had breakfast I got out the heating pad and put some heat on my ear for awhile to see if that would help melt the wax wall that is blocking my ear passage.
It helped some, so I baked cakes. I only filled a couple orders as they are still putting the "snow" word in the morning forecast so market will be a ghost town tomorrow I'm sure.
 Two chocolate and one pound cake was the total for today. I have had request for buttermilk pound cake so I found a good looking recipe and tried it out again this week so hubbie and I could sample it as the one I made last week was for an order. MAN, is that a good pound cake. It doesn't look like my regular pound cake and appears much grainier, but the taste is awesome !!
After lunch I took a nice walk although the sun looked warm it was chilly with the mid 40's and breezy. 
Then it was back to my desk and tax time again. I worked on our taxes today and made a call to the IRS tax line to ask a question. The person who answered the phone didn't know the answer and put me on hold to check with some one else. After I held the phone for almost an hour waiting for her return, I gave up. Apparently there are tax situations that even the IRS folks can't answer. Guess I will just do it my way !!  I did record her ID # in case I need to use it later !!
Daughter came by this afternoon with her baking items. She was more optimistic than me.
After chores I had supper and then did an early blog so I can do a new remedy to unclog my ear. If it works I'll tell you what I did.
This is the last day of February 2014 and this month has really slipped by me as I said in an earlier blog. Maybe it was the house-bound week in the snow or the sadness that came with the death of our old beloved milk cow Snowball,who just couldn't make it through the coldest winter we have had in several years.

This month also claimed the life of one of my little female quails. Glad I had the extra female so that I didn't have to listen to the forlorn lonely "bob whiting" of the little male. He has now outlived four female partners.
G-son had a rough month as he decided that he didn't like school anymore for some reason. We now have a calender with the days marked so he can mark off each day and tell exactly how many school days are left in this year.
#1 son put in a lot of extra work this month clearing the roads of snow and ice that have come with a couple storms that passed through our area including the 8" snow we got just before Valentines day.
#2 son is again in limbo at the Post Office after a couple of their routes were cut and now they have too many carriers. He is waiting to see what they do.
Daughter coached her last basketball games this month as her JV team finished up with a very nice season and the varsity girls lost in the second round of the playoffs just this week.
Aaron and Rebekah had a scare as Rebekah and Evy were involved in a bad traffic accident but fortunately both were okay. They had to buy another vehicle as her's was a total loss. They decided on a Ford Expedition for the hauling room and safety of a larger vehicle.
I had a slow market month, missing one Saturday because of the snow. I didn't get my usual "tax" month chores done as only #2 son's taxes actually got finished during the month. Daughter just brought over some papers I needed for hers today and I would have gotten ours finished today if I could have gotten an answer to a question I have.  So taxes will spill over into March. 
March is typically my sewing crafts catch-up month. Maybe I will have better luck with that since everything I need is here.
All in all February has been a good month for me as I have stayed healthy and have enjoyed just being Neena.
Looking forward to what God has in store for my family in the new month and feeling very blessed as this old month says good-bye.
Good Night and God Bless.

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