Tuesday, February 25, 2014


32 degrees this morning as the clouds hung low and thick on my way back home from dropping g-son at school.
By the time I finished the morning feeding chores and had breakfast myself the sun had won the battle with the clouds so I decided to hang out a load of bed clothes to dry in the solar dryer today.
I spent the morning doing more laundry and housecleaning.
After lunch I took a nice walk in this nice weather. The bridge work is continuing with a bigger track hoe and more concrete.
I'm sure these workers are thankful for this nice dry weather for a change.
I looked for blooms today as I walked but these daffodils were still the only bright spots in the yard.
My tulips are just now coming up along with more daffodils in shady spots.
The air has a definite chill today in front of the cold front that is pushing through tonight dropping the temperatures into the low 30's overnight and the high 30's for the high temp tomorrow,brr.
Today's high was mid 50's so a 20 degree drop will hurt.
I came inside and worked on taxes until it was time to pick up g-son.
He had a good day at school and was hungry and happy this afternoon. 
Hubbie had extra feeding chores this evening to get all the animals ready for the colder day tomorrow.
As I sat in the living room watching the news I saw this beautiful sunset this evening. I had to get the camera and take some pics.
I watched it start out with a streak of brightly colored light.
And then blossom into a beautiful sky full of brilliant color. 

Who could watch one of these glorious sunsets and doubt the wonderful love of our creator ?
Thanking God for all the pleasures He sends into our lives and praying that I take time to enjoy each one.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

That is a gorgeous sunset. Thank you so much for sharing. I rarely get to see the sun set as I live at the bottom of a hill which obstructs the view of the sun setting. so Seeing yours makes me happy. God's blessings to you.