Thursday, February 6, 2014


A cool 25 degree morning but the wind has died down so it doesn't feel as bad as it did last night.
G-son is excited that tomorrow is the 100th day of school this year and he has to bring 100 things to school with him.
When I told him he only had 80 more days to go he said that wasn't so long.
After I dropped him off I went to the Edneyville post office to mail a couple bills. I don't have any business downtown again today so this P.O. is much closer than driving all the way across town to the downtown P.O.
I did chores and had breakfast then went to Aldi and Walmart to pick up groceries and baking supplies.  With the weather forecast for snow early Saturday morning I doubt if we have market open but I'll be ready to bake in case they change the snow predictions.
Back home just after noon I had lunch and then decided to work downstairs. I have a lot of dried herbs setting around that need to be put into jars for sale to get out of the way of all the dust I will cause when I start cleaning down there so I spent the afternoon crushing and filling jars with these herbs. I almost got a headache from the pungent smell of first basil, then oregano,rosemary and sage.
They all have such wonderful aromas but after a couple hours they are a bit overwhelming.

I came upstairs and had a nice hot cup of tea while my head cleared and then went outside to breathe in the fresh cool air doing the evening chores.
We had supper then watched the news.  They keep changing the weather for this evening and the coming days. I really don't think they know what the weather is going to bring our way over the weekend.
By what they said during the news I thought we would get a dusting if not more snow tonight and the outside air surely felt like a snow preceeding air but so far at 11:00 no snow for us. We are right at the freezing mark as I type this at 11:00.
As I worked downstairs today I got away from all the distracting noises coming from down on the new bridge. I think I will clean up down there and start spending more time there in the peace and quiet.
Grateful to God for the blessings of today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

How many herb plants did you plant in order to get that many spices in jars?

linda m said...

I do love the smell of fresh herbs. You must have had a large herb garden to get that many herbs. Have a good weekend. Blessings