Monday, February 10, 2014


Hubbie got up with g-son this morning. I got to get some extra snooze time.
When he got back he left to go help Craig, the associate pastor cut, split and deliver some firewood to older folks in the area before the snow storm gets here.
I did chores, had breakfast and was getting ready to make a trip to Ingles when I got a call that school would let out at 11:30am today.  Shortly after the call the huge snowflakes started to pour down.
The temperature was in the upper 30's so I headed on out to Ingles knowing the roads would be fine for a while.
I filled up with gas and then drove to the store to find the parking lot packed and people actually lined up waiting for buggies. I didn't have time to deal with that kind of a crowd before getting to school so I called Rebekah who was coming into the store ans had her pick up some things for me while I headed on over to school.
I didn't get in the car rider line this time, but walked in and got g-son so we could be on our way before the roads got messy.
We watched it snow heavily all afternoon.

These bridge workers must have a deadline because they worked all day in the snow and cold.
G-son was glad to get our of school early and quietly played all afternoon. He was hoping Evy would come over but she and her mom had to nap today because mom has to work tonight.
I worked in my office get things organized and ready to get to the task of taxes.
I got all the February decade pics out and copied.
After g-son's mom picked him up I did chores in the still falling snowfall. The temperature stayed in the mid 30's so all the snow melted around here. I poured about 1/4 inch from the rain gauge this evening, I don't know how much snow that would have been if the temp had dropped below freezing.
It stopped snowing just as darkness fell tonight.
The snowfall for our area is predicted to be the highest of anywhere from this storm named "Pax".
God bless all the folks in the path of this storm. Praying for the safety of my sons and all those who have to work out in the nasty weather and drive on the snow covered roads.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Looks like you all are gonna get a 'whopper' this week. We probably won't get anything since we are west of it... BUT--who knows!!! They said on TV tonight that we may get some Wed/Thurs....?????

We'll probably cancel our Valentine's trip to Cashiers, NC for Wed-Fri.... They are in the storm's path also. I'm very sad tonight.


linda m said...

Praying that your family is all safe. It amazes me how they will call school off but the parents have to risk their lives to go to work. And when school is called off early then who picks up the kids if mom and dad are at work? It is the same thing here. It would make more sense to call off work, then the parents would be home with the kids. Stay safe. Blessings