Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Sometimes when I sit down at night to write my blog I think how boring my day seems sometimes. But I always manage to enjoy each day and don't think about what I am or have done until it is blogging time.
This was one of those hum drum days that follow the pattern of most of my days. G-son to school, chores, breakfast, crossword puzzle, housework,etc...
A difference this morning is this beautiful bright sun and the already low 50's temperatures around 10am.
As I went on a morning walk to enjoy the nice weather for a change I thought of how our garden is usually still providing us with some winter greens for added vitamins, but not this year after the minus 0 temps we have had. Hubbie went ahead and tilled all the leaves he added this fall.
Those white teepees in the background are the wood piles hubbie has been making in his free time.
We have certainly burned a lot of wood this year and this is only February so he is working on next years supply.
Flash is funny and tires out quickly when I start to walk my circle. He finds a spot that he can watch me all the way around and stretches out in the warm sunshine.
The work down on the new bridge continues today with another machine. This is a huge drill so there has been no hammering today only a humming sound.
They are working in a muddy quakmire over there and have to continually use the big trackhoe to pull out trucks and machines that are stuck in the mud.
I poured out 1/2 inch of overnight rain from the gauge this morning and more precipitation is expected this weekend. Some say snow, some say rain, some say ice, guess we will wait and see.
I would hate to be trying to get an outside construction job done with forecast like this.
G-son was better today about going to school and he was in a better mood this afternoon so maybe the belly aches in the mornings are a thing of the past , I hope so !
After evening chores I did weekly paperwork and payed a couple bills. January is always an easy month as not much goes on so I caught up on the month ending figures. It was a typically slow month to start out the new year. 
I had time earlier today to get my first dose of vitamin D from the sunhine on the warm afternoon but the wind picked up about 2:30 and the temp dropped drastically throughout the evening. It is 32 at 10:30 tonight with a gusty wind out there making it feel much colder.
I am so glad God loves me and protects me each day, let Him do the same for you.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Lucky you having the warmer temperature and sunshine as well. Just seeing a picture of your winter garden made me warmer. Our yard is buried in snow and today we are below zero again. I thank God every day for a warm house. Blessings

linda eller said...

Our temps are warmer than a couple of weeks ago, for sure. A little sun goes a long way in winter. Loved the picture of your dog, watching you! God bless you and yours this Thursday.