Friday, February 14, 2014


A light snow still falling this morning as I got bundled up to head out to do the chores. I think this will be our total snowfall for this storm named Pax.
The prediction was for between 8 and 14 inches and some places around the area got closer to the 14 mark than we did.
It is windy and cold this morning as I just put waterers in the houses with the chickens because they do not like this much snow.
These bigger hens could walk around in the deep snow but a couple Silkies flew out of their house and were buried in the snow so I had to pick them up and put them back in their house.
It is a beautiful world all dressed in white this morning.

The road is probably not a pretty sight to those who are having to get to work this morning.
We all gathered back here for a spaghetti lunch.
Weeellll, most of us had spaghetti , haha !!!!!
Even #2 son who called and took a grocery order after he drove to work at the P.O. and was sent home because the roads were to bad to make the mail deliveries on.
D-in-love took pictures while we cooked and she caught these three Cardinals waiting their turn at the feeders.
It was a nice day to catch up on some reading.
After lunch hubbie scraped our driveway while the temperature warmed up enough to help melt off the deep snow.

When he was finished with ours, #2 son took the tractor up the road to scrape his driveway. He had an easier time of it as his is paved.
Aaron, Rebekah, D-in-love and G-son went to a neighbor's big hill to sled with a group of folks from around the community. Little Evy stayed behind to have her afternoon nap.  Daughter and I did a workout tape she had brought while they were gone, I will have some sore muscle's tomorrow !!
When they all came home we had a sledding party here which both g-son and Evy enjoyed today.

Yea, she is squealing !!!!

Rebekah got a short skiing lesson !!
Snowman building....

Evy was not sure what to think about this big, white guy ???
G-son built his own snowman version.
The clouds broke enough for a splendid sunset this evening.

Everyone made it to supper tonight.  
As I looked around tonight I silently thanked God for the opportunity to happily share in all life's ups and downs with all these wonderful people.  We truly took the "lemons" of a scary snowstorm and made  "some super sweet lemonade".
Thankful for the safety of #1 son who worked clearing the road all day today and will again tomorrow.  Praying for the safety of all the workers who must brave the slick roads in the morning after tonight's 24 degree low temps.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

What a blessing the day turned out for you. You all really did make the "best" of it. Glad everyone is safe. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings

linda eller said...

Love the peace and quiet of new fallen snow. Enjoyed your pictures today.

Betsy Adams said...

Your family has so much fun together. That is so special.

We ended up with over 5 inches of snow here --and it was so pretty. I'll blog about our pretty snow this coming week.

Great set of photos.. Glad you ALL enjoyed the snow.