Friday, February 21, 2014


As I woke up this morning I heard the rain falling hard outside. G-son had to make a dash from his dad's truck to the porch to keep from getting soaked at 7am.

During the 45 minutes we spent getting him fed and ready for school the rain passed through our area.
I came home and had a cup of coffee before Rebekah called from the Ford dealership to come pick her and Evy up because the service on their new suv was going to take at least a couple hours.
By the time we got home it was raining again.
I emptied 1" from the gauge when I did chores.
I spent the morning baking cakes, 6 caramel, 2 chocolate, 2 pound and 1 blackberry wine.
After lunch I took a walk in the 55 degree sunshine but it was cool with the wind still blowing pretty hard.
I vacuumed and mopped all my floors this afternoon. I mopped myself out the front door with a cup of hot tea to sip while I sat on the porch and watched the workers down on the new bridge.
Annie was enjoying my company and the warm afternoon.
Flash was keeping watch over the cattle as they splashed around in the water filled lower pasture .

As I sat and soaked in the warm sunshine and chilled a bit when the breeze blew I looked at the wood stock piled on the porch waiting for more promised winter weather coming later next week.
I had to chuckle thinking this wood pile didn't match what was growing along side the house. These Jonquils blooming do not look like they are expecting any more winter weather.

Other g-ma picked up g-son today from school and brought him by here to pick up a toy he had left here this morning.
Aaron and Rebekah came by to pick up the carseat still in the van to go pick up their suv. Thankfully there was nothing major wrong with it.
I did chores and iced all my cakes this evening.
Listening to the news  tonight and feeling the temperature when I let Dolly and Bernie out for their last run of the day reminded me that it is definitely still winter time. It is supposed to be around 28 tonight for a rude change for all the outside animals.
Thanking God tonight for the blessings of this day. The beauty of the world He created for our pleasure is breath taking and gloriously designed, take time to enjoy it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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