Thursday, February 13, 2014


Snow began falling just after I got up this morning. The chickens didn't make any moves to come out in this weather.
I refilled all the bird feeders so all those little feathered friends can get their bellies full.
This was the back yard after chores this morning.
We spent the morning wondering where the heavy snow was as a fine powdery snow was all we had.
D-in-love made a crock pot full of tortilla soup for lunch. Rebekah and Evy walked over to have lunch with us.
Evy was easy to entertain today as she was hypnotized by the falling snow.
Her dad drove the tractor in for lunch.
I cut up the last apples in this box and put them in the crock pot for applesauce today and g-son comandeered it for a human "jack in the box".
 Aunt T turns the lego fashioned handle as g-son hummed Pop goes the Weasel.

After lunch we got a break in the snow falling and g-son, daughter and hubbie headed outside to get in some sledding. Their was quite a bit more snow now than earlier.
He had fun sledding.

He sure was glad to have his aunt T around this time it snowed !!
Everyone went home and back to work for the afternoon and I did some bird watching. This is just a couple of the many birds that were waiting their turn at the busy feeders today.

As the snow began to fall fast and furiously in the later afternoon and evening it started adding up quickly. When I went out to do the evening chores the barn was a blur through the snowfall.
As I walked around to the front and looked down at the road it was completely whited out by the snow. Even cars passing with head lights on were very hard to see.
Everyone made it home tonight safely thank you Lord !!
Rebekah brought over a pork roast, D-in-love made some special mashed potatoes and I added some green beans and a dessert of delicious snow cream to our supper tonight as we all congregated back here . Talked to #2 son so he could stop by for supper but he had already made it home safely and didn't feel like getting back out tonight.
All the kids talked about going sledding but decided against it because of how much snow was still falling. 
Instead we watched a movie while little Evy slept.  G-son wanted to spend the night but his mom didn't want to be alone when #1 son got up very early to go to work so he went home.
Son is working 12 hour days pushing snow off the roads and will until they get all the roads cleared.
At bedtime tonight we had about 8 inches of snow and it is still falling but only lightly.
Grateful tonight for the safely of everyone who worked today and thanking God for the wonderful family days the snow brings.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

So glad your family is safe and you haven't lost power. So many where my son son lives in GA are without power. What a blessing snow can be sometimes as it brought your family together for fun and food. Blessings