Sunday, February 9, 2014


Church was good this morning as we continue studying the Book of Ruth in the Bible.
Everyone made it to lunch of beef stew and broccoli casserole but #2 son who was playing golf on this mid 50's sunny day. He came by later for left overs and a visit.
I gave Evy and g-son their Valentine bags today but forgot to get a picture.
Thankfully Rebekah was feeling better from the wreck yesterday.
Today was "the calm before the storm"  with the mild temperatures and sunshine. The animals were soaking that warmth up as well.

If all the weather wizards are not wrong this time by the time Tuesday gets here this drab winter scenery will be under 4-6 inches of sparkling white snow with Wednesday maybe doubling that amount !!
This storm is coming up from the south and is a classic heavy snow maker for our area so we may get more snow than we have seen in quite a while before it's all over by Thursday.

After Hubbie and his little helper got all the wood carriers filled with firewood they took time to joy ride and give g-son some driving lessons.

After chores this evening I laid on my heating pad with a sore back. I have no idea what all of a sudden made my lower back so sore, guess I must have moved wrong, uuuhh, love this aging process !!!
Grateful for the grace of an almighty God tonight.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Maybe you back is sore in sympathy for Rebekah. haha Sure hope it is better this morning. I am praying you don't get hit with massive amounts of snow or ice. this winter just doesn't seem to want to be over. Take care and stay safe. Blessings