Saturday, February 8, 2014


This morning was so nice, with only a light jacket on I headed out to market.
Market was slow again today until a shop buyer from S.C. came through and bought all of hubbie's wooden crayon tractors and baskets. I didn't sell many baked goods but I am thankful for what I did sell.  The weather forecasters were calling for a icy mix in the early morning hours today so I'm sure most people traveling from out of state didn't venture up this way.
I came straight home from market because hubbie wanted to check out a sale on some dark suits at Penny's and we needed to make a trip to Sam's Club.
Hubbie couldn't find a suit on sale in his size unfortunately so we headed on over to Sam's.
While we were shopping I got a call from Aaron telling me that Rebekah and Evy had been involved in a car accident. He said they were okay but they were going to the hospital to be checked out just in case.
I dropped hubbie at home and went over to the hospital. It was very relieving to see both of them sitting in the waiting room. Rebekah has multiple really bad knots and bruises but thankfully little Evy didn't seem to be hurt at all.  When they showed me the pictures her vehicle I almost cried. I was very glad I was looking at them before I saw the condition of her wrecked SUV.

This accident happened in a long paved driveway. The long row of trees hindered the view of oncoming traffic.
This is the other vehicle who luckily swerved. And fortunately he wasn't hurt either.
The waiting room at the hospital was packed so we waited quite awhile before they were called back.
Aaron's father and step-mother were there also so we visited while they got checked out. The news was good when they came out. Both checked out okay with only ibuprofen OTC for Rebekah.
We all left the hospital with thankful hearts.
I made it home before dark to help hubbie finish chores. G-son was here while his mom and dad went out to dinner with some friends.
He had mac and cheese for supper while hubbie and I had salads.
Hubbie and I took turns playing games with g-son and watching Spongebob with him.
 After his mom picked him up I blogged and we went to bed.
So, So grateful tonight for God's loving protecting arms that were around all the victims of this afternoon's accident.  All the glory goes to Him.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

I would say she had a Co-pilot. So glad their injuries were not as significant as the vehicle.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Thank God Rebekah and Evy were okay, just some bumps and bruises.
Sending prayers!