Wednesday, February 19, 2014


G-son and I decided this morning that we are going to get a calendar so he can mark off each school day and then he can count down the remaining days of this school year.
It is still raining lightly this morning after a stormy night.  As I lay in bed last night watching lightening flash and listening to the thunder boom I thought how the weather in these mountains can change so drastically in such a short time.  This sounded like a summer storm just a week after a major snow storm.
After the rain finally stopped about mid morning there was over an inch in the gauge.
I had a wonderful morning as little Evy came to visit while her mom got her hair done. She is such a joy  and she definitely isn't camera shy. 

As I fed her lunch and listened to her giggling I thought what a difference a few months make as she had such a hard first few months with colic and reflux problems. It seems now she is overly happy as if trying to make up for lost time. I look for her to take off walking any day now.

After mom picked her up I had to get outside on this record breaking 72 degree sunny afternoon.
After my walk I noticed the buds on all three of our plum trees are starting to swell.
Unfortunately I also notice this fungus called "black knot" on some of the branches. Some of the wild cherry trees around our farm have this on them and even though these plum trees are a resistant variety to this fungus there is still some getting on them.
 I went for the shears and cut off all the limbs that had any of black knots on them, thankfully there weren't many. I put it all in a trash bag and will send it with hubbie tomorrow to be discarded in the dumpster. Years ago we didn't know what this was and let it get all over a really nice plum tree and it killed it.  Any stone fruit is susceptible to this disease.  When it is cut out of the tree the infected branches need to be burned or destroyed.
Before picking up g-son I put all Evy's toys away so he wouldn't be sad that she had been here without him here to play with.  It was a good thing I did this because on the way home he said he wished it was Sunday so she would be here to play with.
He was hungry today and didn't feel like playing outside.  His dad picked him up early so they could get ready for church tonight.
In 1984 February was fun with two little boys, #1 son was 28 months old and #2 son was 11 months old. They love their Valentine goodies.

Thanking God for a day filled with blessings and His graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

Grandchildren do make us smile and forget any cares for a short time, dont they? Evy is delightful!

linda m said...

Evy is such a little cutie. Love the pictures of your boys when they were little. God Bless.