Monday, March 5, 2018


Monday morning comes around so quickly these days !!!  Up to greet both g-daughters this morning on a cooler morning that even left a thin layer of ice on the water pans.
After chores hubbie and I loaded up the girls with all the rugs and bed and furniture covers from the last three months and headed for the laundry.
There was so much stuff that I had to have hubbie's help to try and save my back at least a little of the heavy lifting .
He carried everything inside the laundry and then carried IR in her car seat in and sat her down so she could watch me load the machines.
He left with RL to take her to pre-school. This is the first time he has taken her to school and we weren't sure she would be receptive of the idea but she said she needed to show him around her school !!!
IR was perfect watching me get the machines started and then became hypnotized by the water  and moving laundry inside the machines.
By the time hubbie got back the washers were beginning to finish and I was already putting things into the dryers.
We got everything done and were home by 10:00 just in time for IR's morning feeding time.
She ate then went to sleep while hubbie helped me get all the rubber backed rugs hung on the line and everything else carried inside.
You can tell by the Christmas rugs hanging on the line today how far behind my heavy laundry is this year but there has been so many rainy days I just haven't had time to get it done.
Anyway now I can finally but away all my Christmas for the year.
I also had our regular weekly laundry to get done so I got the first load of that started before it was time to go back to pick up RL .
She was glad to see me and had a very good day today.
She ate her chicken nuggets and went quickly to sleep on the ride home.
I joined hubbie and IR for lunch of left overs from yesterday while RL continued her nap at home.
I continued laundry while hubbie tried to get IR to go down for a much needed nap also but she wasn't having it.
When RL woke up she had a snack and then begged to go outside. She is an animal lover and loves the outdoors so much. Even though it is upper 50's today the warm sunshine makes it feel comfortable out here without coats.

After both mom's came after RL and IR hubbie and I watched the early news and then did chores.
Hubbie pruned the grape vines .
We came inside for a restful evening after a very busy day.
Daughter went to the gym at the apartment complex where her and #2 son live and #2 son and Tif kept IR while she exercised. They look happy to be together !!!

More rain is expected starting overnight with a winter storm named Quinn that is also bringing some very cold temps to the area starting mid week.
I am blogging early tonight and heading for a hot bath and a nice heating pad on my hips for the night.
Thankful for the blessings of this day .
God Bless and Good Night

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linda m said...

You get the rain, we get the snow. Nice wet heavy snow - the kind you can barely move with a shovel. IR looks so happy with #2 son. Blessings