Thursday, March 29, 2018


Up to greet both g-daughters this market morning. They had breakfast while I did cores and got ready for market. They were both in pretty good moods this morning. RL complained at first with her belly hurt but after she ate something she didn't say anything else about that. We figured it was the stronger antibiotics causing the pain when her stomach got empty. she said she was a bucket head !!!

I dropped her off at her pre-school which she was happy to go to this morning. That shows she is already feeling better from her ear aches.
IR and I met hubbie at market. She bounced in her bouncy seat while we unloaded and got set up. We fed her breakfast and then Connie , other g-ma came to pick her up.
AD came to spend some time with us while Re went to EL's pre-school and helped with her Easter party.
Today was a slow sales day at market but I am thankful for all the things I did sell.
Hubbie left after helping Charles, another vendor get a sign put up behind his table.
He made our weekly dump /recycle center run and supply buying stop at Sam's Club on his way home. He spot mowed the lawn today with the push mower where the grass was really tall. The hens were very glad to help dispose of the grass clippings.
I made stops at the bank, PO and Ingles on the way home plus a stop at Pet Smart to check the price of the flea collars and drops I need for the season. I will be buying these items online !!!
I almost forgot a stop at Dollar Tree for Easter egg stuffings and had to turn around and go back when I was almost home.
I made it home at 4:30 and hubbie helped me get unloaded and get things put away.
Daughter brought IR here to stay with hubbie while we went over to a neighbors house to check out a Lularoe going out of business sale she was having. I found several things and daughter found a couple things  that I got for her birthday all for half price.
When we got home she took IR home and hubbie and I did chores.
The sky has really clouded up after a nice sunny warm day and it looks like the forecast rains could start at any minute.
#2 son and Tif came by to drop off a chair and table in the storage shed  from daughter's apartment after he took his old love seat there for her to use since his new furniture is coming tomorrow and they brought us a key to his house so we can meet the furniture delivery guys.
After they left we came inside for the evening. I sat and stuffed Easter eggs for the kids egg hunt on Sunday and for a small basket to take to market Saturday for the kids that come through market.
Market basket.......
Sunday egg hunt ........
This month is almost gone and I have one more decade post to make and that is March 2008. That was a very busy time not only for this little guy as he celebrated Easter......

And helped Pawpaw haul stuff around in their wheel barrows ......

But also #2 son had a very busy month with the preparation of his home site and taking delivery of his new modular home.

#1 son did all the grading work on the site.

This little supervisor said it is ready for the house.

It was a very exciting day when the crane arrived to set the house.

This is the house that #1 son's family now lives in and these pics really brought back a lot of memories of this time in the life of my family.
On this Maundy Thursday I am humbly and prayerfully thankful for the love of God and for His Son's sacrifice for the sins of all mankind giving us a path to the Father through our love for The Son.
Thankful Tonight.
God Bless and Good Night.

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